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  1. francoise

    Depeche Mode!!

    Oh Bia what would I do without you?? Thanks my DM little sister
  2. francoise

    Depeche Mode!!

    A big thank you to my "favorite DM official news provider" [YOUTUBE]dyYUbP1Hlpk[/YOUTUBE]
  3. francoise

    Depeche Mode!!

    Looks like best vocalists of a band? no solo artist Maybe that's why no Mika Anyway, I agree... mainly on #3 T4P Bia
  4. francoise

    Depeche Mode!!

    I love it!!!! In the same style, I like this one
  5. francoise

    Depeche Mode!!

    WOT?? Do you never sing in front of your mirror while doing your makeup??
  6. Wooww Fantastic!! I'm so so happy for you two Enjoy your time there!
  7. francoise

    Depeche Mode!!

    maybe you're right Well as long as the 13th album is planned for sure, I can wait... At least it's good to hear that retirement is not for now
  8. francoise

    Depeche Mode!!

    Well done! It's really nice Rumor has been spread that Ben Hillier would be the producer for the next album and they should entering the studio in spring Oh gosh getting old is difficult!!! SOTU was released 6 months before TBWKTM and now Mika has almost finished to record the new one when DM has not even started
  9. francoise

    Depeche Mode!!

    Thank you sweetie Would be happy to share a piece of chocolate cake with you
  10. I'm fine with it also. Playback doesn't bother me that much as it is pretty usual in this kind of shows Fortunately for him! This audience vote is his best chance to win as it is usually a pretty posh reward ceremony not generally based neither on record sales nor on public taste. It has more to do with an auto-celebration of the french music industry Good to hear it! Ultimately it's the most important And thanks for all your links & translations Camille!
  11. The wrong side of the consumer society... One gets tired very quickly of everything, even singers... People need novelty all the time Honestly, who will remember LMFAO next year? That's why I'm always torn between the desire to see Mika succeed commercially in the charts and the fear to see him get lost in a "too fashionable" music Actually it reminds me some paintings of the optical artist Victor Vasarely
  12. Thanks very much to all of you for your work, pics, vids, links, etc.. I haven't seen the live show last Saturday but thanks to you all, I was able to catch it up in few minutes today You're definitively a great team! Very happy also that Mika has won an award Probably not the best performance (damned playback! ) neither the best outfit (how do you call that thing.. a doormat???? ) but he deserved it anyway! I hope this will bring him luck for 2012
  13. This is called conscientiousness The standards have changed since Victoria Beckham is identified as a model of class & elegance
  14. Well...try to walk in her shoes for a moment! With all due respect, she probably has not every day the chance to hold hands with a cute young man like him and moreover in front of dozens of photographers and tons of jealous MFcers ... Who here would not have done the same? Oh come on... I'm sure she is only the owner of the small dorm room he rents in L.A. and that Mrs P. asked her to watch over him when he goes out You know.. just to be sure he does not drink too much and does not come back home after midnight... Remember he has a record to finish!