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  1. Hello! I´m making myself a t-shirt and I need your help. I need music notes from Grace Kelly BUT in vector format (so that printer can cut it). Tried making it from photos, but they are blurry 🤧. If anyone can help me I´ll be forever grateful! If there is any other song than GK will be cool too. The most important is that I can make cut path. Something like this: Thank you! 😘
  2. Logos. I already made M heart but you can post it. Probably its better than mine
  3. Hello! I need a illustration or picture in good resolution for a shirt (something like Yasmine logo). Tried google but everything I found was in very poor resolution. Thank you for your help!
  4. No problem We had to leave too...hubby had to go to work in the morning We´ll meet again
  5. Can anyone tells me what was he saying after BoumBoumBoum? Its also on youtube-frammento2.
  6. The concert was awesome...my first and I hope not my last ???? And only 2 hour drive from my home. Nobody speaks any english and I don't speak italian. I didn't understand what security guards were saying. I have found ONE woman who understands my language but she got lost. Luckily we were waiting in the right line for golden circle, but with only a voucher. After 4 hours of waiting we had to leave the line to replace it with ticket. Poor security guard didn't know how to explain that it was only a voucher but some guy in the back succesfully explained that it needs to be replaced. I think I never ran so fast like this before ???? I enjoyed every second of it but there were moments when I couldn't hear him well. I didn't understand anything that he was saying except merde ???? The concert will remain in my best memory, but I will try to forget other things ????
  7. Hi! My name is Kristina and I come from Slovenia. 32 years old. I have heard of Mika when he started but didn´t listened him at the time. That changed 3 or 4 years ago when I heard his song performed by our singer in X factor or something (he did a good job ). After that I become Mika fan I wanted to go on gig in Austria few years ago but... Since than I´ve been waiting for gig near my country....AND Trieste here I come I hope to meet some new friends here
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