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  1. Welcome to the MFC, Federica! I'm Sara and I'm also from Italy, nice to meet you
  2. Hello Marit! Welcome to the MFC, I'm Sara Thanks for you introduction, it's always really nice to find out how other fans discovered Mika! Here's all the info you'll need to start exploring the MFC - but please, don't hesitate to ask if you need anything: Have fun!
  3. Hello Jules! Welcome to the MFC
  4. The first time I sent one request for two vouchers, but only one of them was "accepted" and looked red, the other one was green, so I sent it again, still no e-mail. I'll wait a few days and check the colors, just in case they're back to green again 😓
  5. For those of you who have submitted the request to convert the voucher into a refund on Ticketone: have you received a confirmation e-mail right away? I've checked the spam and promo section, but I haven't received anything and it's been a couple of days already. I've also sent an e-mail to them asking if there's a problem, but - can you guess? - no answer
  6. sara09


    Hello! Welcome to the MFC, I'm Sara from Italy Here's a quick guide with all the info you'll need to start exploring the forum: Have fun!
  7. I'm sorry, I don't know about that! According to what the ordinance says, I guess they should change your voucher with a refund, 'cause everything has changed now. Have you already sent an e-mail to TicketOne asking about this specific info?
  8. Of course! Unfortunately not everything is very clear for us either, so I can't even imagine how it must be for everyone else outside Italy. I will try to explain as best as I can and try to solve some confusion that all these changes have brought. So, during the lockdown, the ordinance "Cura Italia" stated that: - If the event was postponed, we would have kept the same places we bought. - If the event was cancelled, we would have received a voucher with the same amount we spent for the tickets. Our event was cancelled, so until July we were asked to send a
  9. Exactly... it was something that we should have received right away. I don't know, it's a mess. And since the ordinance says that everyone has to be refunded, I don't even see the need for a request. I bought the ticket and the reason why I bought it doesn't exist anymore, so I get the refund. The organization for Umbria Jazz works this way, which is way more fair than having to go through this whole procedure and not even receiving a confirmation.
  10. I'm personally not expecting anything in the near future, it could even take some months
  11. Me neither! I think it will take a while for them to refund everyone, I'm quite sure they haven't even begun
  12. Welcome to the MFC, Anna! Nice to meet you, I'm Sara
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