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  1. Fingers crossed for you and all UK fans!
  2. Hello @Stellar, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara, nice to meet you
  3. Welcome to the MFC, C.J! Did you attend the London gig last weekend? If you need to find anything, here's the thread for you! You can ask there whenever you want
  4. sara09

    Ciao a tutti!

    Ciao Valentina, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara, nice to meet you The Forums helped me a lot to improve my English, as well as chatting with non-Italian fans! I'm sure it will be helpful for you, too. When you need to learn or improve something in order to talk about a passion you have, it's easier in the meantime, if you also want to speak Italian with MFCers, here's the Italian thread: Are you going to the Ancona gig?
  5. Hello Louna, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara Have a lot of fun at the gig!
  6. Welcome to the MFC, Gilda! I'm Sara Have a wonderful time at the gig! It's the best birthday present a fan could ever ask for
  7. Hello Tirza, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara Your first gig! That's amazing! Which songs are you most excited to hear live? If you need help with the Forums, don't hesitate to ask! In the meantime, here's a helpful thread:
  8. Even though me and my friends won't be in London, we really wanted to contribute to the flowers for Mika! I sent the money for me, @virgi, @SilviaM and @Serena cassai
  9. Oh, and also: have you heard Mika's new album? I'm curious to know what you think about it
  10. Welcome to the MFC, Astrid! I'm Sara If you need any help with the Forums, don't hesitate to ask! I really hope you're gonna have a great time here I leave you the link to a page you might find nice to check: See you around!
  11. Happy, happy birthday, Andrea! Hope you had a marvelous day :hug:

    1. giraffeandy


      Thank you so much @sara09:hug:

  12. Me neither, actually! I wonder what is it based on? Since each country has its own Spotify, for example, is it up to each company to add (or not) the censored version?
  13. It really doesn't make sense! I'm all against censored songs. You can change the word, if you really have to, but erase the whole thing? I don't think people would be shocked by a word they hear and use all the time, to begin with. And, as you say, what about songs with contestable messages? I mean, I'm not an expert of how radios work, but it's pretty ridiculous to me - mostly when there's a beautiful meaning behind what he's saying
  14. That's too bad where did you find the censored version?
  15. Hello Matt, welcome to the MFC! I'm happy you joined! Nice to meet you, I'm Sara Maybe you know this site a bit already, but if you don't here's a list of all the info you'll need to start exploring: And this one, if you're looking for something in particular: I really hope you're gonna have a great time with all of us! Did you attend any of the Tiny Tour dates?