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  1. Me too! One of the “making of” videos on the Rai website shows the guys recording OOL. Hope they will sing it all together with Mika
  2. No, you’re right! The episode with Mika will air next Monday
  3. sara09

    Hello there MFC-ers!

    Welcome Eliza! I'm Sara, nice to meet you enjoy the MFC
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    Hello Gabrielle! You surely are welcome to the MFC!
  5. I have this one: don't know if it works outside of Italy tho! Let me know
  6. Hello, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara, nice to meet you
  7. Happy birthday! Hope you spent a lovely day :D 



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      Oh!  nearly missed this - Happy Birthday



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      OH - so beautiful !! :clap:Thank you soo much Silver  and Sara!! :hug:


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  8. Thank you I was about to post the link! For the ones who may not know, he's the press office manager of Maggio Musicale in Florence
  9. After hearing the little preview yesterday I felt very intrigued, but I also felt a big amount of happiness because of the mix of lyrics and melody and above all, Mika's voice, with the use of those ups and downs I really loved. My feeling was confirmed when I listened to the full version. I wasn't sure what to expect from the song when it was announced and it was a really nice surprise. The melody is very sweet and uplifting, it warms up my heart. It's quite clear it won't be part of the album, but I feel so excited and curious about what's in store for us with the new songs he has to share!
  10. The preview sounds amazing! I'm so excited to hear the full version in a couple of hours
  11. Happy birthday! :D

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      Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Happy Birthday, Alice!!!!



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    ALL Mika fan-art - Part III

    Wow, it really does! Amazing work