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  1. sara09

    I'm back

    Hello Molly, welcome back! I'm Sara, nice to meet you I'm glad to know you're feeling better!
  2. sara09


    I am! I live near Florence
  3. sara09

    Mika's Coffee Brand

    OH MY
  4. sara09


    Hi Matilde, benvenuta! I'm Sara I see we have something in common, I'm a student of Psychology. It's nice to hear you like the subject! Have fun here, hope to see you around
  5. sara09

    Hi From England!

    Hello Gemma, I'm Sara! Welcome to the MFC I'd like to wish you lots of fun discovering more and more about Mika's universe. I got to warn you, it's quite addictive! Once you've stepped into it, it's really hard to leave. But it feels so good, you'll see! Speaking of, let us know your thoughts, it'd be lovely to talk with you about Mika See you around!
  6. sara09

    Bonjour de France

    Salut Marie, I'm Sara! Welcome to the MFC hope you're gonna have lots of fun here
  7. Exactly! It’s a typical structure here in Tuscany. We call it “casale”, which in English should be “farmhouse”
  8. sara09


    Hello, welcome to the MFC! I’m Sara I really can find myself in what you say, his music has a way of touching souls that I never found anywhere else! I hope you’ll manage to see him once the new tour starts
  9. How lovely it would be I'm thrilled to discover what's in store for the city of Florence!
  10. sara09

    Hello From Turkey!

    Hello Irem, welcome to the MFC! Nice to meet you, I'm Sara I really hope you're gonna be able to see him live once the tour starts! Have fun here
  11. I've written down a quick and rough translation of the video: "Stasera Casa Mika is an original format by Mika, Ivan Cotroneo, Tiziana Martinengo and Giulio Mazzoleni. It was produced by Rai2 in collaboration with Ballandi Multimedia. In each episode, Mika looked at Italy and Italians through his unconventional gaze bringing the viewers with him in a journey made of music, fun, national and international artists and very special stories. Mika is in London, it wasn’t possible to conciliate his professional commitments with our invitation. (…) However, he wanted to be present and he sent us a video.” “Hi everybody, I’m sorry I can’t be there with you tonight and thanks to Gianluigi for being there, representing me and my whole team. I’m honored to receive this prize from you. Most of all, this work was a collective work, with every author, the whole Rai2 crew and also the crew of the centre of Milan. So, thank you. I had so much fun. We put a lot of our hearts there. I put a lot of my life, of my fantasies, of my dreams in this program. I really found a house for two years. It was really, really beautiful. It was such an intimate and personal thing, in tv, but yes it was very intimate and personal. I’m very happy to receive this prize tonight, for me and also for the whole team. Thank you." At the end he expressed a thought for Bibi Ballandi, who passed away on February.
  12. sara09


    Hello Blandine, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara, nice to meet you hope you're gonna have lots of fun here!
  13. sara09


    True will season 3 be aired right after season 2 ends?