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  1. sara09

    Marhaba MFC!

    Hello, welcome to the MFC! Here's the link to the MFC Subtitling Team's thread, where you can find plenty of interviews to watch: Hope you're gonna have fun discovering new things about Mika's universe here! And if you have any questions, we're here to help
  2. Hi Evergreen, I'm Sara! Nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC
  3. Hola! Welcome to the MFC
  4. Hello Mi, welcome to the MFC Congrats for your drawing, it's truly awesome!
  5. Ciao Laura, benvenuta! I'm Sara and I'm also from Italy, nice to meet you! Here you can find a little guide about how MFC works: I hope you're gonna have lots of fun! And if you need anything, we're here to help you See you around!
  6. Ciao Mina, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara, nice to meet you! I hope you're gonna have fun with us If you want to chat with other MFCers in Italian, take a look at this thread: See you around
  7. Hello, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara, nice to meet you MFCers who speak Spanish usually gather here: (But I'm sure @Mikasister will know better than me how to guide you about this topic! ) Anyway, if you need any help with the forum, please don't hesitate to ask! I hope you're gonna have lots of fun with us
  8. sara09

    Hello! :)

    Hello Emma! Welcome to the MFC
  9. Hello Tiffany, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara, nice to meet you Hope you're gonna have fun here!
  10. Hello Nathalie! Bienvenue sur le MFC
  11. Happy birthday!! 🥳🎂

    1. Ysara 22

      Ysara 22

      Thank you :biggrin2:  :cheers:

  12. Should have guessed I'd say the whole Big Girl speech + performance, it really was amazing!
  13. sara09


    Welcome to the MFC, Rossana! I'm glad you decided to join us and I hope you're gonna have fun here! About the gig, Livorno was wonderful, it felt very special Which was your favourite song to hear live? If you want to check this out, here's the Italian thread: See you around
  14. Ciao Lou, welcome! I'm Sara I'm glad you could somehow rediscover him with a gig! I was in Bolzano, too. It was a wonderful night What did you like most about the concert?