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  1. Just Mika's parts: "How much do we need a big collective hug in this moment! Like the one that Pride gives to all its participants." "Covid has changed many things and also prevents us from doing many things, but it doesn't change the importance and the beauty of diversity among people. " "Long live Pride!"
  2. Wishing you a lovely day!  :yay: :flowers2:


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      Happy Birthday :happybday:



    2. Lunari


      Thank you, @Mikasister and @silver

  3. Yeah, It think he mixed up the English and Italian word (July and luglio) and came up with Julio. When asked if he's still in Athens, he just says, "I'm not with you yet, but in a few weeks!"
  4. I'd love to visit it, as it looks beautiful! Let's hope there will be enough time.
  5. I also ended up buying a ticket for this gig, so if you do decide to go and rent a car, keep me in mind for sharing. I haven't made any travel plans yet, but I'd most likely be travelling from Barcelona too.
  6. I don't know about Germany, but on the third night in Utrecht he said that people on bikes were constantly yelling at him when he was distracted and wasn't paying attention to them. 🚲🚲🚲
  7. I have the same problem with emoticons loading really really slowly (android, Huawei phone). I can use my phone's emoticons normally, but the MFC ones are pretty much impossible to use.
  8. Yes, that introduction was really moving. When you post the video, maybe someone can give a more detailed translation, but I remember that he talked about how his mum always loved to dance and encouraged everyone else to dance too. Now she can't do it anymore because she's in a wheelchair, but every day the whole family gathers around her and they dance. Although she doesn't say anything, Mika thinks she likes it.
  9. I'm pretty tired after returning from Padova, but the concert was great. Since I knew I wouldn't be able to arrive there early, I decided to buy a sitting ticket this time. My seat actually turned out to be terrible: it was in the front row, which was at the same level as the standing area, and you could see absolutely nothing (the part of the stage that wasn't blocked by the people standing was blocked by the loudspeakers). I really don't think the venue should be allowed to sell tickets for such a place (and nowhere did it say that the view was limited or anything like that). An
  10. @Patty70, you've made some great points, especially about how Mika must be affected by his mother's illness. I sometimes think that we're lucky he's even touring at this difficult time in his life, but in a way, touring is probably what helps him cope with it. Like you said, he can express himself on stage in a way that he can't anywhere else. I'm sorry that you missed the M&G in Cernobbio. If it makes you feel any better, there are no guarantees that you could have talked to Mika even if you had been there. I was there, and while it was definitely an amazing experience (I love
  11. I don't know about being wise, but thank you. I wish an amazing 2020 to you too and definitely hope to see you at a Mika gig soon!
  12. My thoughts about this are also quite complicated. On the one hand, I don't think Mika owes us anything (well, except for the concert that we paid for -- and he definitely delivers that!), and I wouldn't say that meeting fans after gigs is a part of his job. It's a nice bonus, but not something that should be expected of him, especially after putting so much of his energy in performing on stage. On the other hand, I can definitely understand that fans are disappointed because he so rarely does M&Gs these days, especially those who were used to him doing them regularly in the past. I have o
  13. Thanks for letting me know how it all went down - I had no idea! I couldn't even understand what that guy was shouting, so I was really surprised when I realized which song Mika was going to sing. As annoying as standing in front of that drunk guy must have been, I guess he ended up doing us all a favor. 😉
  14. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from this gig, because at Mika's last concert in Zürich in 2015 the queuing and entering the venue was very disorganised and chaotic. It turned out that this time there weren't nearly as many people who arrived early (maybe because the weather was pretty cold), so it was much easier to get a good place. The concert itself was amazing. Mika was in a really good mood and he smiled a lot, even though you could hear that his voice wasn't at its best. He was very happy and touched when he saw our glowstick hearts during Tiny Love. As you can see from the videos
  15. I also thought about you and the great time we had together in Florence. I really hope you can see Mika again soon. I can assure you that he hasn't lost his touch and his concerts are as amazing as ever. And of course I hope we see each other again too!
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