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  1. I have to agree. While I love the new songs, there's something that's been bothering me about them from the start (except for Tiny Love), and I'm realizing that it's the production. The melodies and lyrics are great, but I don't think the songs shine the way they could. Edit: To make this on topic, Tomorrow is definitely my favorite new song after Tiny Love. Like many others, I could already tell this would be the case after hearing the live version.
  2. Happy Birthday Andrea :flowers2:



  3. I tried for Zurich and at first it gave me an option to buy a maximum of 2 tickets, but after a moment it said that no tickets were available. So, maybe the presale allocation was sold out there too. I also tried for London and it said that my postal code was wrong. My postal code is definitely correct, it's just not a UK one (and I did pick "other" when it asked for my country).
  4. Yeah, I'm sure the interpretation is computer generated (and I seriously doubt an astrologer would keep referring to him as "Mika (singer)" ). The site has lots of other celebrity profiles too.
  5. This site has Mika's natal chart: I don't know where they got his birth time and if it's accurate, but it does indeed say that his rising sign is Gemini.
  6. LICM: Happy Ending TBWKTM and SFS: Toy Boy TOOL: Origin of Love NPIH: Good Wife LICM is the most difficult for me, because there are a few songs tied for first place.
  7. I have the exact same problem! Well, he did have a gig in Prague during his last tour and it seemed to be very successful, so I think it's quite possible he'll do it again.
  8. Happy Birthday! I hope you're having a great day. :hug:

    1. mamiam


      Thank you sooo much Andrea!! :hug: I've had a really nice day - yes!! :yay:

      Love, love




  9. I love the song! I love the orchestra, the way Mika's voice changes ... I wouldn't associate it with the word "simple" either, it actually took me a few listens to be able to decide how I felt about it. Even if it may not be on the new album or representative of its sound, this song sounds very "Mika" to me. I'm sure I'll have it on repeat for a while!
  10. Sorry I am late in wishing you a Happy Birthday - hope you had a great day :hug:



    1. Lunari


      Thank you! :hug: I did have a pretty good day. :original:

  11. If it's just a couple of tweets, then I agree that Pilot probably won't be that bothered. Like I said, I think asking politely is fine, as long as you keep in mind that they may have different plans or perhaps already support a different charity and aren't willing to add another one at the moment. Good luck!
  12. I don't think anyone doubts your good intentions and I, for one, would love to see this initiative succeed. I don't even think there's anything wrong in politely asking Pilot if they would consider donating some of the profits. However, I think what some of us are concerned about is that in your previous post you said: "So far we haven't gotten a reaction from the company, despite tweeting a lot, but we will not give up, we hope for a reaction". This sounds like people are sending Pilot lots of tweets about this, which could annoy them and make them think twice about working with Mika in the future. When they made a deal with him, they were obviously hoping to make a profit (because that's how businesses operate), and they're not required to donate any of it if they don't want to. If they do, that's great, but being flooded with donation requests from his fans probably won't help the cause and might even hurt Mika's future business prospects.
  13. Last time I was at a taping, a guy sitting next to me was wearing a t-shirt with lots of writing. A staff member came to check if there were any logos there, and when she saw that there weren't, she let him be. So, I'm sure your pineapple shirt will be fine as well.
  14. I think all (or almost all) Italian posts on Mika's FB are geotagged - when I was in Italy last year, I could see a lot more posts there than I usually do. Maybe his team just thinks that most non-Italian fans aren't interested in these things and might be annoyed by seeing a bunch of posts in Italian? I really don't know, but I wish they didn't exclude international fans who actually want to see these posts and participate in giveaways.
  15. From what I remember, he finds living there very lonely, but he says this makes it the perfect place for recording albums (as there aren't many other things to focus on).