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  1. Is there anyone who sells a ticket for HONGKONG February 22th ? I'm looking for one. PM Please
  2. That's perfect !!!!! It would be nice. I'll join
  3. hi everyone~ It's been quite some time that I've returned to Korea in Switzerland , my report is very late. At first I had tried to take well.....but soon, out of control Enjoy with a generous heart. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLqn3Ji8juyq-oDiTXicJaqgmRHmj6XnF [media=https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLqn3Ji8juyq-oDiTXicJaqgmRHmj6XnF][/media]
  4. Hello! every one!!! I'm looking for a ticket for 17th October in Paris !! Although I have one, but I need one more . If you can help me to find a ticket, please send me a PM or twitter @mayum4123 Thank you!!
  5. Hi~~ everybody! I didn't know how ....and My English is not good... so the greeting is late.i'm sorry Of course, still do not know part..please tell me and let me known how to fix it. My name is Youmi and I live in SUWON that city is near by SEOUL. Now South Korea is a late night. Listening to NPIH flowed out to the speakers..... I will go on a trip to Paris and Switzerland next week. and Estivale Open Air. If you know well about that,will you advise me? In fact,I did not prepare.....^^;;;; Anyway, I hope that make a good relationships with you! Thanks a lot!
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