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  1. I was there and I really had a good time: Mika is absolutely amazing and able to create a magic atmosphere. The selection of songs was stunning and I could even sing my favourite Blame it on the girls! I was so lucky to be selected for the aftershow meet and greet and I was so keen on meeting him, because it was the first time. Mika was so nice and friendly and I imagined I could briefly talk to him or shake his hand but it was impossible because of the peole standing in the first rows who didn't let the others approach him. In this occasioned I noticed once more Mika's politeness and selfcontrol, he didn't get annoyed even when someone moved too close to him..but he is a special person, by te way. It would have been perfect if the moment had been special for all of us 100 winners and not only for someone..but getting angry is not gonna solve anything...We have all the rest of our lives... Thank you Mika for everything, when will I see you again?
  2. First time for me to see Mika live: it has been great! For 2 hours I lived in another world, thanks to the atmosphere he created for us.It has been very hard to come to earth again!
  3. I was very proud of him when I knew about this show;I think he is really brave in accepting such a offer... of course I am supporting him, but I must say I feel a little bit uncomfortable with this idea..there are two things that disturb me: first, loving his music, I would prefer he was known expecially for it..I feel upset when for istance I say I love him and people answer me:" oh, yes, Mika..that gorgeus, sexy guy we saw in XFactor and TV commercials.. he is a singer too, isn't he?" as if he was first a showman and later a songwriter. I mean I am afraid that people would identify him for other things instead of his songs. He always takes this risk because he is so special, handsome, clever and full of humour and catches attentions with a simple smile, but I 'm scared that the upcoming show would push his image as songwriter more and more aside. The second thing is that I fear the critics, the press, the tv journalists, all those people who will judge him for the way he handles this thing, maybe knowing nothing about his artwork neither about his personality.What about stupid tv critics waiting for a false step or ready to ruin his career? I am a little bit anxious!!!!! But it is beacuse I really love him and I think he deserves the best. Having said that, I am sure he considered every aspect of this new adventure before accepting it. I trust him, I am sure he will do well but to be honest I would feel better knowing him in a safer position.. What do you think ?
  4. Hurts is a very simple and beautiful song..I think one of the best songs around at the moment. The lyrics are poetic, even if very simple..and the clip is very nice, too.What I don't understand, is that I never hear it on the radio,neither I see the clip on tv...I don't mean at this very moment( the single track and clip Hurts were released at the beginning of the year I think)but never never... or it is only me to notice this aspect? maybe I listen to the wrong radios!!!! Or watch the wrong TV stations..I mean for instance 105 radio..
  5. Ciao benvenuta! anch'io sono di Genova! ti ho mandato un PM

  6. Hello, I am new. from Genoa,Italy. I am a nurse, I work in a big hospital in my town. Apart from my job I love music and pets....
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