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  1. Stardust18081983


    Hi why did he choose the famous actress? And how will you explain the videoclip? greetings!
  2. Stardust18081983


    you're right. I also have to dance with music!. But what do you suggest? just let them dance on their own way or make a dance?
  3. Stardust18081983


    I will do!
  4. Stardust18081983

    Elle me dit - song discussion

    didn't he inspire himself on the time he was in france thinking of mme. Patate? greetings!
  5. Stardust18081983


    Thank you guys!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Stardust18081983


    Hi guys, Thanks that you want to help me. I found Mika by a friend 6 years ago. She let me hear one song: Relax Take it Easy. Since than i listened more songs an nom I am from Belgium. For my presentation i have to choose a french song of MIKA. The worst thing about it is that i can't choose. By that song we have to tell something about Mika himself and we have to make an creative activity like Karaoke in the class. But my class is full of girls who won't sing. Can somebody help? Greetings!!!😘😘
  7. Stardust18081983


    Hi, I'm Rini and i wanna talk with someone about Mika. I'm a big fan and i have to do a presentation about him. Can someone help me? greetings Rini
  8. Hi, Who wanna chat with me about mika? You can add me as friend at snapchat as: Stardust181983. Geetings!😘 Salut, Qui veut chatter avec moi de mika? Tu peux me trouver a snapchat comme: Stardust181983. Salutations!😘