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    la leoncina di Mika; it's time to fly with Mika

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    Provincia di Torino
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    Housewife, dogsitter, volunteer at my parish..
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    Mika... sport.. gatti.. animali in generale, musica, tv..

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  1. @Kodes Happy Birthday Gary 

  2. he is always beautiful!!! with all tipe of outfit
  3. @Kumazzz so he is a magical bird of all colors
  4. sweetie man merci pour partager thank alot for sharing @mellody
  5. Oh Gosh.. now my playlist: Bougez Relax Le Coeur holiday Tomorrow Last Party Heroes Starring at the sun good wife Happy Ending Sweetie Banana Bolero feat Babyk Bella d'estate feat Michele Bravi Moi Andy et Paris Underwater Rain blue Paloma Happy Ending My interpretation Porcelain Boum Boum Boum Last Party Statdust 30 secondes Apocalypse Calypso Passager Touche Touche C'est la vie
  6. Buon concerto per stasera .. concerto di Mika per Mc Do
  7. Buon concerto a tutti stasera con il concerto di Mika nostro per Mc Do.. buona serata


  8. ciao a tutte ho pensato di fare un po di detox dai social come Mika... ma sto bene faccio solo un po di pausa ecco tutto ma di tanto in tanto passo a salutare. Paoletta
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