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  1. @Starlight yes... but I hope it doesn't come with some new joke or new look maybe with rainbow hair ...
  2. @holdingyourdrink most probably he is very busy or writing or traveling i hope that he reapper soon... i hope that he is ok..
  3. salut.. I miss Mika so much I just hope he's ok. i'm afraid.. Gatto con gli occhi sempre tristi ha dovuto attraversare il mondo per  trovare la felicità - La Stampa

    1. silver


      Nothing to worry about.  He will reappear soon, just having a break.

    2. Paoletta


      @silver thank you so much

  4. @Gabry74 uffa che pizza questi giorni senza Mika.. lo so non è obbligato a postare ma mi manca tutto qui.. se hai notizie .. speriamo si faccia sentire
  5. @Mikasister I miss Mika so much I just hope he's okay ... i hope that he came back soon
  6. @holdingyourdrink don't worry... also me think the same.. dashing wet hair are well
  7. @Anna Ko Kolkowska i agree maybe the hair are just wet... the curls came back soon don't worry
  8. Hello everyone.. have a nice week.. :yes:

  9. @Gabry74 Grazieee.. prontissima per Domaniii
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