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  1. Likewise, @rubberduckiiz2!! Hope to get another chance for ice cream soon
  2. @SivanJust read your review and posted a comment in that thread What a special night for you! I had a blast, too; he's a great performer, and the energy on stage and in the audience was super!
  3. @Sivan I would love to coordinate seats next time! Happy to hear of your special and personal experiences!!
  4. @Sivan Nice meeting you!! It was a great experince, with some lessons learned.... :). No kids next time, as it's not realistic to have a kid stay (not sit) for the whole show... We had to leave before the end of the gig because the little one couldn't stay any more and we couldn't see anything behind everyone standing :). Oh well, I know now what to expect next time and am certainly looking forward to his next gigs (January-February, maybe??? :)). I hope you had a chance to say "hi" to him!
  5. @Amelia Fong Thanks so much for all the info! We are here now:) Getting ready to enjoy the gig Have a fantastic evening!
  6. @SivanLucky you!! No, we are in AA, not A ... Seats 2, 3, and 4. I didn't know about presale and during the regular sale AA was as close as I could get without having to pay a fortune for three tickets ... I will be glad to visit you in row A say "hi"!
  7. Great news,@Kumazzz ! Thanks for sharing! I am flying to LA in a couple of days for my first Mika's gig ever, and I expect it to be not the last one :). I hope he will visit the western part of Canada, too, when he comes here in January :).
  8. @Sivan Hi! Yeah ... sorry, I didn't know how tagging worked at that time ... Thanks for getting back to me! We are in the back of Orchestra Right (the very beginning of row AA) - Wow! You can be in the front row on the floor but also want to be in the balcony?? Why the latter??
  9. Hi @dcdeb, Curious to know how long you got to wait in the past ... Thanks!
  10. Hi @Vanne Gavela! It's my first MIKA gig as well . Everyone here says we are going to really enjoy it
  11. Hi @rubberduckiiz2! Thanks for the suggestion! I am interested in checking this ice-cream place out ... something to bribe the kids with before the gig so that they behave :). We are coming to LA the night before, so I can send a private email to you and everyone interested in getting together closer to the gig date with my phone # and we can then just text each other to confirm the plans.
  12. @Amelia Fong Hi Amelia, I believe your response was for me (nvk) , but I am sure I am not the only one anyway in the forum who will appreciate the insights from a local :). Many thanks for taking the time to share what you know about LA restaurants and downtown commute! Do you mind another question? Any advice on getting from LAX to the venue (and back)? Taxi (a flat rate option?), Uber (doesn't have one but am willing to sign up), FlyAway? With two kids, what would be my best option? I did my homework but still find all these options a bit confusing (so used to driving myself ... but wont' risk renting a car and driving in LA :)). Thank you again!
  13. @Elvaraaa Thanks for the explanation :). Yes, I remember seeing those. Wonderful art!