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  1. @NancylovesM For that much money you can get two front row tickets, not one, plus a hotel room and dinner for two in San Diego ... The San Diego deal now sounds like a bargain
  2. Hi @wiredbycoffee Not sure if it will help, but check this out: https://stubhub.community/t5/Buying-and-Purchased-tickets/Question-about-tickets-marked-as-non-transferable/td-p/66104
  3. @Sivan Let me know if you decide to fly to Seattle. It'd be fun to see you again! If it becomes of interest at any point before April - I put a ticket with a table upgrade for sale in the extra ticket thread (not sure it was a good idea to get a table - never been to that venue).
  4. Ask @Sivan I believe she scored the front row seat right before the show in LA ... Not sure how much it cost her :). I plan to come as a group of 4 but feel free to connect - always happy to meet new people :). Toronto used to be my city (lived there for 4 years). I now look forward to the opportunity to visit it again.
  5. @Christine Not sure how it would help to "curb" those people, but you could be right and it might help somehow. I actually find it a bit upsetting that some fans would buy tickets during the presale just to put them up for sale at a higher price right away ... It's interesting to look at those blocks of 4 "official resale" tickets available right now at the Meridian - someone is selling a block of 4 seats at $247/seat in Row K, when originally they were - what? 60? 70? 80 max?- , and there are even two "official resale" seats right in the center in Row JJ which go cheaper, at $245. Don't want to be judgmental or something, but it is amazing how greedy some people are. Why take advantage of the fellow fans??
  6. Hello! If you are interested in one ticket with a table upgrade at the Showbox venue in Seattle on April 20, let me know. I bought two tickets because I wanted to make sure I will have a guaranteed seat (cannot go early, line up, etc.), and the only option was getting two tickets and then upgrading for a table for 2. I will sell for what I paid (i.e., we will split the total cost, $91/person.). According to the venue, "Tables are assigned on arrival at the venue. When you get into the venue please go to Coat Check and they will seat you."
  7. Does anyone know about table upgrades at this venue? I read reviews online and the only thing that's clear is that the view is good from everywhere :). I bought an upgrade for a table and it says Row 2.3 Seat 1 and I have no idea what it might mean. I emailed the venue if they have a "seating map" but haven't heard back. Thanks!
  8. @mariejan Congrats! I am sure you will enjoy it!
  9. @Sivan Seattle is closer Unless something happens, I am going to fly to Toronto for an extended vacation trip with the kids (8 pm Toronto time is going to be 5 pm our time, so the little one should be able to make it though the whole gig). I also couldn't resist and got two tickets (so that I could upgrade to a table) to the gig in Seattle. It's just a short ferry ride for me. The plan is to leave the kids in the hotel and go solo :). I hope something will work out for you!
  10. @NancylovesM I am curious if they were originally $177?? I would have considered buying them had I not already gotten my tickets ... Not sure if it's better to be four rows further but in the center or four rows closer but on the side ... but because it's Raw A, I hope there's an aisle and will be more space :). Their viewing map is a joke - I doubt it shows accurate views from the seats. There should be 9 rows in front of us according to the map, but according to the view there are like 15 so something :).
  11. @NancylovesM Not to worry! Unless they have very strict policies (not sure how they will enforce them ... ), everyone will just stand up and dance around their seats. This was my experience in LA in September. It was a seated gig, but after the first song everyone got up and never sat down :).
  12. @NancylovesM I look forward to that! Yesterday I almost decided not to travel to Toronto because the US cities were announced, and Seattle is MUCH closer to me, but all venues relatively nearby are standing/general admission only, and since I have to bring two kids with me, a standing venue is not an option.
  13. @NancylovesM Yes, I believe it said right on the Ticketsmaster's page that delivery is some time in early May. I prefer etickets - I just got two for Seattle and they are already in my smartphone :). Will be putting one on the "extra ticket" thread shortly, as I only need one. I upgraded to the table but they did upgrades only if you bought two or four tickets.
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