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  1. @Elvaraaa Thanks for the explanation :). Yes, I remember seeing those. Wonderful art!
  2. Just curious what kind of drawing you are talking about.... sorry, I am kind of new to forums and fan chats
  3. I went to check how many tickets are left and got this ... Does it mean it's sold out??
  4. Hi Sivan, I respond to your question here in the main thread as for some reason I didn't get an email notification from the Calendar that you posted a question for me there. Anyway, the kids are 12 and 6. Both are excited to go to the show :). I booked a hotel near LAX for now, as we are flying into LA the night before (Friday @ 7 pm), and we have an early morning flight on Sunday @ 8 am, so I believe staying near the airport is our best bet. What do you think? I am not looking forward to going back to LAX late at night (the little one, I am sure, will be exhausted) but it's probably better than going to the airport early in the morning. Or Sunday morning traffic is fine? I just want to make sure I don't miss my flight :). What time should we leave LAX on Saturday afternoon to make it downtown around 5 pm or so? I hope to have time to feed the kids dinner somewhere, so if you have any recommendations for Japanese food (or pizza), I'd be great. Also, if any MFC's are meeting for dinner somewhere, I'd love to join the group and meet everyone in person. Many thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Thank you, BangBangLou, for responding. Just standing with two kids wouldn't be fun, so as much as I would like to revisit San Francisco, we are going to LA this time. I hope you'll be able to secure a seat on the balcony for your mom!
  6. Thank you, Silver, for responding. I got my tickets for the LA show this time and will just hope for more shows in Canada in the future.
  7. Thanks all for responding! I've already got three LA tickets :).
  8. Dear fellow Canadians! Do you know by any chance if there will be any shows in Vancouver (i.e., anywhere in the west?)? I am in Victoria and trying to figure out how far I will need to travel to attend the show. Thank you!
  9. Hello, I am trying to choose between LA and San Francisco and it looks like the venue in San Francisco doesn't have any seats. Is this correct or am I missing something? I think about taking my two kids with me, so having a seat is important. Thank you in advance for any insight you can share about the venue.
  10. Hello all, Greetings from Victoria, Canada! In December 2017, I heard a cool song performed by one of the Voice Russia contestants and decided to find out who wrote it. It turned out to be Grace Kelly by MIKA. Okay, since I really liked the song, I started searching for more songs by MIKA just out of curiosity. That's how I found Relax and realized that I really liked that song many years ago. I lived in the US then, and my step aerobics instructor constantly played it in class (he was really into European music). I just never knew the name of the artist, but I immediately recognized the melody. To cut a long story short, I am fortunate that my 12-year old and my 6-year old liked MIKA's music, too, when I introduced them to it, so we do not argue in the car what music to play (we do have different favorites, though, so we take turns selecting what song to listen to next). Lately, I've been visiting MIKA's site and the forum occasionally but decided to register today once I saw there will be shows in North America. I look forward to meeting all of you virtually and perhaps some of you personally at the show. Sadly, the closest locations to me are LA and San Francisco. Does anyone know if there's a chance there will be a show in Vancouver?? Flying to Montreal is not an option, unfortunately. It's just not fair that - as of now - there are two shows in Eastern Canada and none in Western Canada :)), but I still would really like to come to the show n (any!) with my both kids, so I guess I need to plan for a mini-vacation in September :). Warmest wishes to all!