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  1. That's it ! But they also said that we could take picture without flash finally. And I don't care if we can't see anything on the video, just the sound of our tiny conversation would make me soooo happy ! I saw the one of kreacher_mika on Instagram. ❤️ So, maybe there's one near the end of the line too, somewhere....
  2. Thank you so much everyone for all these pictures and videos !!! It's so good to be able to see these shows over and over again ! Already one week, and my head and heart are still over there... 💓 I was wondering (even if I think I already know the answer that is : No ) : Is there someone who filmed in the line after the show, when he was out to sign autographs ? I so would have liked to have a memory of the few words we shared ! (I was near the end of the line). Thank you anyway !
  3. That's what I've heard from other fans, apparently he told this on an interview. Oh My God for your friend ! LOL : I was there 4 hours before the show Sunday and that's just because I had 6 hours by car to come. I would have been there earlier otherwise ! LOL But luckily it was enough to be on the second row ! ❤️ On Monday I came 5 hours before and again : second row ❤️ The same for the respect !!! It was so amazing ! It was my first Mika's show ever and I just couldn't believe that I had my little space around me, with nobody pushing or even just touching me !!!! Just incredible !!! Some fans said it's really special here in Quebec ! I'm so in love with my country of adoption ! ❤️ In Italy, it's the worse apparently with people touching him with no respect or screaming all the time even when he asks silence to sing without microphone. France better than Italy, but far from being as good as here, from what I've heard. I have no idea for larger venue ! I will try for sure if he really comes back this winter, but I'm pretty sure it won't be so magic... From the second row, I could have touched him if I wanted ! It won't be the same in a big center ! LOL But my god, yes : It was so good !!!
  4. I heard he will come back in february (?) to do the same big Revelation Tour show as in Europe. So it will be bigger venue, as Videotron or Bell Center I think. I'm afraid I won't like it as much as in Corona Theatre ! I'm so agree with you ! Again : such a blessing to be able to see him so close to us in such an intimate place ! ❤️
  5. As for me, yes even better Monday !!!! He went twice in the crowd ! And the first time he walked a little to go and see the other side. It was my first Mika shows ever and I feel so blessed it was in such a tiny venue ! I saw him after the show, and I have autographs for my kids ❤️ . I'm still over there in fact ! ❤️ It's hard to return to "real life" after that...
  6. In France you will have Niort with about 3000 (at "L'Acclameur")
  7. Thank you so much everyone for your warm welcome ! ❤️❤️❤️ Silver : I have a 11-year-old female Pomeranian. Loo : Moving to Quebec was the best decision of my life ! Tu es du Sud Ouest c'est ça ? J'étais du Gers ! Sabine 64 : I've never knitted socks ! I really have to try !!! (I knit caps and shawls and scarfs.) And my pigs are a little bigger than guinea pigs 😉 🐷 Dominika : It will be my first Mika shows ever ! So, yes : two times !!!! 🥳 Thanks again everyone !!!
  8. Hi ! I have an extra ticket to sell (standing-floor) but for the 15th. I don't know if you might be interested...
  9. Hi again everyone ! Finally, I will have an extra ticket to sell for the 15th ! (Standing-floor) If someone here is interested, don't hesitate to pm me !
  10. Hi everyone ! I will be at Montreal for both nights ! I'm following this post to see the final "official" choreography which will be selected... I'm ready to practice !
  11. I will be there both nights ! I can't believe it. It will be the first time I will see Mika ! Can't wait !!! 🥳
  12. Hi everyone ! My name is Emilie, I'm 38 years old, I'm french but I've been living in Quebec for 13 years. As everybody, I've heard Mika songs on radio, but I really discovered Mika just 3 or 4 years ago, thanks to The Voice. I've immediately appreciated the man, and then I became increasingly interested in the singer. And right now, I'm so excited because I will go to the two shows in Montreal in september !!!! 😊 As for me, I love to stitch, knit, read. I'm a biologist and a teacher. My field is zoology, so I love animals . I have a dog, two cats (including a Munchkin 😍), a nude rat, two pigs and a spider. And I'm glad to join here ! 😀