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  1. My take on this is that I myself have to find time to be alone and separate from my husband. We both work from home, workout together, we travel together, and play tennis together (for example) so all of our time is spent in the same places and so I seek out ways to entertain just myself and give myself the space I need to feel like I have a life/interests detached from him as well as with him. I could be misinterpreting but that's my feedback if it helps
  2. I am just excited to FINALLY get to see him LIVE here in the US. Bought my tickets for May. **happy dance**
  3. I think the album as a whole is solid... personally I added Youth & Love to the end of it and it's still cohesive and wonderful. Any other bonus tracks emerge yet or just the two for Japan?
  4. I would be interested to hear if the mixes on that version are any different than the ones released pre-album....
  5. Fingers crossed! I keep looking out for any announcement about a deluxe/bonus tracks version. He has been releasing a bunch of collaborations recently too...