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  1. Me too. I had a feeling this was coming when he did the live video. It is for the best but it doesn’t take away that this entirely sucks. I wanted to see him so bad. I had great seats and now we wait for maybe a year. That is the last time I get this excited over something. I always jinx it.
  2. You never know with that guy... everyone is canceling shows left and right and for a good reason. It still doesn’t take away that it sucks and that is what I get for getting too excited! 😖
  3. I will be traveling from Texas to Toronto. Also... the US will he suspending flights from Europe for 30 days mika!!!!
  4. I’m scared it will and I’m making a big trip up there! I heard Coachella may be moved to October. I am so hoping they get this under control or I’m seriously going to cry!
  5. Paloma. Every. Damn. Time. ”My Paloma, where is a broken dove to go?Oh Paloma, if only you had let me knowWas it joy or sadness that you felt on the night you flew?I found you fighting in the darknessThere was beauty in there, too”
  6. 2. What’s been happening for you during that decade? Moments of triumph and several crashing phases of total self-doubt. The only constants have been my partner and my songwriting. 3. What things are you revealing in the Revelation tour? Bits of my soul. The good of me, and the ugly. Just me on stage and a fearlessness to be intimate. 4. You came out as bi in 2010, as gay in 2012. Was it received well by everyone? There was no ticker-tape parade. Coming out can be intense and quiet. You can get hurt in unexpected ways. I see love wins in the end. Other younger people in my family have become more open about their sexuality and the reaction’s been more relaxed. 5. Many in the business tried to change you but you learned to say “screw you!” Where did that courage and self-belief come from? Anger! I was so angry with rigid corporate white guys who acted as gatekeepers. I ran to music to be free and found myself in the hands of an older version of the school bullies who’d made my life hell. So I said “#### you” and started to really write, and move, and dress, from the heart. 6. What was the cost of saying “#### you”? My pop is not very commercial! But I can only do me. It makes sense when you see me live. THIS is why coming back to Australia on stage is so damn important. 7. The album title My Name is Michael Holbrook is a strong statement of identity. Are you implying “I’m more than just MIKA”? Yes. I’ve been nicknamed MIKA since birth. As a teenager I was mortified if anyone called me Michael. Now I try to understand all parts of my identity. 8. The love you describe on Tiny Love doesn’t sound so tiny! Why call it small? It’s the biggest love in the whole ####ing world!!! But no one else can see it or feel it. That’s why we’ve made songs and plays and paintings about it for thousands of years. 9. Your happy tunes often disguise darker lyrics but songs in this album dare us to throw caution to the wind. Are you happier, more settled now? I’m more able to express when I’m happy and when I’m not. I’m much more curious about life now and in the future. If that’s happiness, then yes. 10. DNA magazine turns 20 this year and we’re bloody proud of that. What do you reckon? It’s monumental. A year in the media is like seven in dog years which means you’re actually turning 140. And that means you’re defying the odds which is only possible if you have an emotional connection and investment from your audience. You deserve huge congratulations as it’s more and more rare. X Revelation tour dates: Saturday, February 22, Auckland | Tickets Monday, February 24, Brisbane | Tickets Wednesday, February 26, Sydney | Tickets Thursday, February 27, Melbourne | Tickets Read the full interview in the next print edition of DNA. That tongue tho 😏 thank you for sharing!!!
  7. I had heard on the news they raised the levels of concern in South Korea just yesterday. I was starting to wonder if the show was going to go on. As he travels across the world I hope he is kept safe and healthy. I feel for the fans but I hope they get to see him soon.
  8. lmfao!!! That was a big Duh! On my part lmfao!
  9. LOL! Out of all the sexy songs, which one is that one?!?!
  10. So...I have a dilemma with Ticketmaster, and I am hoping I can poke some brains here regarding the Toronto presale tickets. Anyone who got the tickets during the presale are not able to access, transfer, or resell them? I noticed some tickets were already being resold on Ticketmaster as fan resale. I called Ticketmaster but customer support was not really helpful. On their end, they said that I should be able to, but perhaps it is because they were presale and I am not able to access them yet. That perhaps whenever they should arrive on May 6, I could transfer them. My dilemma is that I have four extra tickets due to the presale craze. I ended up scoring one pair of "eh" tickets and the second pair are pretty decent seats. A couple of weeks after I bought the presale tickets I went into Stubhub and was able to score some very good seats, albeit a bit expensive...I'm super nervous when it comes to Stubhub because I've never used them...so any feedback would help on this matter too... Long story short, I have four extra tickets total, and I would really prefer not to lose out on the money. I don't intend to scalp anyone. I want to sell them at the presale price I got them for...however seeing as that the Toronto show is still half full...I'm getting a little apprehensive. Any input helps!!! Thank you!!!
  11. I got caught in the chaos of the whole ticket frenzy when presale opened up. I actually scored some pretty good seats on Stubhub weeks later and I am hoping to not get screwed over last minute because they cost a pretty penny. Long story short, I have four tickets up, two which were pretty decent seats. I have some issues with the transferring of the tickets, but if I am able to fix it, I will put them up on the extra tickets thread. I do not intend on scalping anyone and will sell them at the price I paid for. Keep your eyes open!