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  1. This is a great selection! Has anyone read the Christos Tsolkas book yet? It’s meant to be excellent!
  2. Thank you so much! Are we ever! I am very much in isolation right now, getting through some puzzles and books!
  3. It’s certainly a different colour to what I remember! But I’ve been leading through the boards and it all feels very familiar!
  4. I think we had the same thought at the same time, welcome back!!
  5. That’s really kind of you, I have a feeling a fresh start is for the best, I was very much 14 at the time and so I don’t think I was providing any deep or insightful comments 😂
  6. Thank you! I’m glad to be here!
  7. Hi all, I used to be a member of MFC when I was at school and met some of the loveliest people through the website! In my isolation I remembered how much fun you all are! I’ve been a MIKA fan since 2007 and honestly feel a bit out of the loop! I’ve also recently moved to Australia From the UK and have 0 friends here! Would love to have a chat, so please get in touch! Happy Thursday! Hollie
  8. Hi all! I have been off of MFC for a few years and in those years have moved from the UK to Melbourne! Keen to have a chat! 😊
  9. Hello! It’s been a few years since I’ve been on MFC, had to rejoin because I’d lost my account details! Keen to say hi and jump back in!
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