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  1. Dominika

    Favourite Mika poses.. ;)

    Just like I said, nothing is going to surprise me here anymore hahaha MFCers can really look for the details
  2. Dominika

    Talk About You (Animation Clip)

    It was really pleased to watch. Nice work!
  3. Good evening girls! 

    Hope everyone is doing great and the weather is fine :wink2:

    Tomorrow going for my first proper concert in my life! :teehee: George Ezra will be singing in Warsaw. So excited because of that :cheer: Hope it's going to be an amazing night :fisch:


    Wish you all wonderful weekend my pretty shining people!!! :hug:

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    2. Dominika


      @Mikasister someone was selling collection and we made a deal :wink2:

    3. Mikasister


      Ahh ok. So the person bought the book when the old band. :wink2:

    4. Dominika


      yeah exactly.

  4. I just saw Mika peugueot on polish road the dark blue one with white stripes :yikes:  :naughty: 


  5. His face on the last one hahaha Really, do I have to hold this baby?
  6. Dominika

    MIKA in French Press - 2018

    What is the whole LIVE ACTU?
  7. Dominika

    Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    You really have a lot competitions with Mika pens. Spain fans are so lucky!
  8. Dominika

    MFCs Naughty Corner part 2...

    He should titled his song 'My clean house'. It might be big, it might be small but it is clean above all...
  9. Dominika

    Hello de Paris

    Welcome to the MFC Karine! Enjoy Mika universe with other fans here!
  10. Dominika

    My encounters of "The Voice" 2017/2018 with Mika

    I'm asking about that because I thinking of coming for weekend with my friend and we were wondering whether it could be possible to see Mika
  11. Dominika

    My encounters of "The Voice" 2017/2018 with Mika

    That's really wonderful memories Celine I think we wouldn't be here if he wasn't so open and understanding to his fans. Did Mika come out every time after shooting The Voice?
  12. If Mika wasn't gay they would be a perfect couple. This vid is so cute! :fangurl:



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    2. Dominika


      And thank god he is! I couldn't stand a beautiful supermodel standing next to him :biggrin2:

    3. Mikasister


      His voice in spanish sounds so good too. Mika sing a song in spanish please . :wub2:

    4. Paoletta


      yes thank god next to him  only  Andreas :yes: