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  1. Hi there! Do you know if I can watch somewhere here Mika live at Brooklyn Steel? :lustslow: I saw it was transmited on french tv but I couldn't watch it back then. 

    1. Starlight


      I would love to see it, too :lustslow:

  2. Merry Christmas from Mika Clause stories InShot_20201225_125944946.mp4 InShot_20201225_125944946.mp4
  3. What a lovely concert Mika brought the christmas spirit to our hearts for sure I've recorded the event but it's to big to put it here.
  4. What a sweet message! We definiately will be sweating together ahahahah
  5. He's so adorable! :cloud:







  6. What a chance! If not the covid situation you would already have my message on your mailbox
  7. Mika's story StorySaver.Org-mikainstagram_75182225_189359482804981_6043741652299127334_n.mp4 StorySaver.Org-mikainstagram_88481066_388567015723285_228120969702251255_n.mp4
  8. He looks so so cute here! StorySaver.Org-mikainstagram_88632719_1081707548957351_2553406518916209265_n.mp4
  9. Dear Quarantine Why you make life hard to me House is place I cannot leave You're so cruel to me. Dear Quarantine You're my only company Walls in room bacame boring Please stop this agony. Oh baby it's crazy, It's crazy to live like that Crazy if you wanna go outside and Remembering to take a mask It's crazy, it's crazy for everyone Having crazy times during the lockdown It seems that it will never stop. I keep thinking about next lines. It really can't get out of my head
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