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  1. Dominika

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    Thank you for your beautiful report @crazyaboutmika You let us dream your dreams. It's always wonderful to see Mika with his fans, always so generous and kind
  2. Rehearsal VID_72920113_165542_078.mp4
  3. It looks like Mika really misses touring since he took over the microphone
  4. Dominika

    Hello from France !

    Hi and welcome again! Simple message from me: just enjoy the forum and make good friends
  5. Oh my he is teasing with us! It's like a torture!
  6. Mika hit us with new music! WE are READY!!!


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      @Mikasister yes ! Going right away ! 😃 I didnt dare to because I was afraid to bother everyone by posting. Do I create a new topic to introduce myself ? Or do I reply to one of the existing ?

    3. Mikasister


      It's better that you create a new topic :wink2: 

    4. Elvaraaa


      Done 👍🏼🤩 thank you