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  1. I really can't wait for this song. These short videos with the song very quickly caught my ear
  2. Yeah, me too I count on our fabulous subtitle team
  3. Bo u nas to potrafi─ů puszcza─ç albo stare kawa┼éki na okr─ůg┼éo albo te nowe, dla nich nie ma kompromisu
  4. First bits and I already love it!
  5. I znowu pomimo nagla┼Ťniania akcji wszem i wobec nici wysz┼éy
  6. Wooow another polish fan! So awesome and so happy! if you need any help just fell free to write me and my friend are already heading to Barcelona for the concert but wish you a lot of fun!
  7. @superstar @cat_loves_mika thank you so much for your reports While reading them I felt nervous and excited. I'm so happy for you
  8. Thank you girls for sharing your vids and pics New songs sounds amazing and I can't wait to hear the whole album (21 days left!) and Mika's cocnert in Barcelona
  9. But you know "My Name is Michael Holbrook" is his 5th album not 4th
  10. Have you heard Seth Meyers saying it's 4th Mika's album?