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  1. Hi Emily! Two concets sound awesome! Enjoy them in September! Meanwhile have fun here !
  2. Hello @Michelluuuh and welcome on board! I had similar experience with this throwback to my teeange years and I fall for Mika complately Happy for your first Mika's gig it will be mine first too. Soe excited! Have fun here and see you around!
  3. Oh my so many questions! But when I was actually going to ask him something I've got an empty head. This is when excitement comes first But what I really would like to do, although I know it's only dream, it's to sit down with him with a cup of tea and talk about everything and nothing just like friends
  4. Hello and welcome on board! Enjoy the forum and Mika wonderland here. Have fun!
  5. Cutie! 😍 StorySaver_mikainstagram_33293119_416961709175884_7179783543504192262_n.mp4
  6. Hello! How are you all? :wink2:


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    2. sara09


      Good! How are you? :)

    3. Dominika


      Happy to hear you're doing fine, me too :wink2:

      Are you enjoying holidays? In Poland the wether is rather crazy and cold :annoyed_h4h:

    4. Mikasister


      The weather here is hot, hot. You know...  Im still working. Holidays in August, but im ok. 

  7. Yesterday I found out few things about Jack Savarotti First of all my cousin was surprised that anyone else than him listen to Savarotti and other things like he performed in Poland, been on morning tv show and he's got some Polish blood. His grandfather was Polish and his mother is half Polish
  8. Hello Cellia! Welcome to the forum and enjoy Mika wanderland here
  9. Hello Carla! Welcome on board! Enjoy the forum and meeting other fans! I hope you'll get to Mika's live show in September. Good luck!
  10. From Mika story StorySaver_mikainstagram_54699288_2423163044388903_3120331146532674390_n.mp4