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  2. Dominika


    I'm not able to choose one favourite song, it's just impossible!
  3. Hello Valerie and welcome to Mika freaks family t's so nice that you and your daughter can share the passion together Hvae fun on the MFC and see you around
  4. In one of the vids we can see that it's not a skirt but shorts made of loose material
  5. All Mika... he throws a bomb but don't know when or where it'll explode
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  8. I can't even watch this link you put in here @Gemz but I look forward to dvd @Gemz You're link is fine. Something went wrong for the first time I played it wtf?
  9. I hope someone is recording today's broadcast of the concert from Paris??? :crossed:

    1. giraffeandy


      Me too, I just came home from work half an hour ago...

    2. Starlight


      Me three :aah:

    3. TinyLove_CJ


      Me four! ­čśü

      Hopefully someone here at MFC will record it and be happy to share.

  10. Oooooh you have already mention so many things that I won't be original So I will repeat: colors for sure, big brown eyes with long long lashes but also the way he wrinkles his nose when he smiles
  11. StorySaver_mikainstagram_75524526_645969242876856_34716204224063395_n.mp4