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  1. Hello! Welcome to the forum! Your drawing is fantastic! Have a lot of fun here!
  2. So I played with an app and I loved it! :wub:

    1. Paoletta


      woow!! amazing!!

  3. Dominika, when I see your dessert photos on Insta, I told myself I'd come to your house in lockdown.

  4. Happy birthday.  Kises !FB_IMG_1586944562743.thumb.jpg.676f6ad062fe18739c95c9c84fecf1f1.jpg

    1. Dominika


      Thank you! :hug:

  5. Dominika


    Hi and welcome Rossana! 🙋‍♀️ Enjoy the forum and Mika world 😁
  6. When I get to searching site on the Instagram and finding these one under another :lol3:


    1. Serendipity
    2. Paoletta


      you always know how to make me smile:biggrin2:

  7. We should get Mika this kind of piano from fedez insta story StorySaver_fedez_75428515_132548011682033_4248010060056631786_n.mp4
  8. From Instagram from @floraflore89 StorySaver_floraflore89_77220642_217044326399698_3426979702781775621_n.mp4
  9. Hello Fiorella! Enjoy the forum and have a lot of fun here with us!
  10. Quarantine is in progress, meanwhile somewhere in Greece... Mika: Knock, knock! Neighbor: Who's there? Mika: Mika. Neighbor: Mika who? Mika: I know you've got a piano in there! Neighbor: For a hundred time I'm telling you I won't let you in!!! Mika: If you say so... Mika: Oh my dearest, I'll never leave you again! Mika: Regreat nothing!