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  1. Last two stories he posted twice technology still difficult for Mika
  2. Hi everyone! I hope you guys doing great, let me know what's new with you :wink2:

    I haven't been here for a while. I guees I needed a break, having some ups na downs during lockdowan and after lockdown era, grandpa was hit by the car, dad'd depression comes and goes because of the work and covid situation and me trying to keep my mind bussy with something positive. Lately facebook banned my MIKA Poland page not giving any specific iformation why they are doing this, so all the hard work I've been doing there for about 3 years has gone and it makes me sad. Even that I moved the fanpage to instagram it's not the same. There are not only the bad news, I did some cooking (Mika was originally the inspiration of course) and came up some really good stuff. I also started going for trainings, swimmig, riding a bike a lot and the most important loosing some weight which was on my list to do this year :biggrin2: Thank God Mika spoilt us lately with lots of vids and pics and his well being cheers me up too.

    Have a good evening! :bye:

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    2. Serendipity


      Love you Crazy Elf 🥰

    3. sara09
    4. miknikel


      Nice to hear from you. I saw your great recipes on Insta. I hope everything's better for you and your family. Kisses   :hug:

  3. Dominika


    Hi girls! Have you already seen the trailer for 5th season? I'm getting excited and can't wait I don't like the idea of bringing Lucifer's twin brother (whos name is Michael by the way )What do you think?
  4. Hello! Welcome to the forum! Your drawing is fantastic! Have a lot of fun here!
  5. So I played with an app and I loved it! :wub:

    1. Paoletta


      woow!! amazing!!

  6. Dominika, when I see your dessert photos on Insta, I told myself I'd come to your house in lockdown.

  7. Happy birthday.  Kises !FB_IMG_1586944562743.thumb.jpg.676f6ad062fe18739c95c9c84fecf1f1.jpg

    1. Dominika


      Thank you! :hug:

  8. Dominika


    Hi and welcome Rossana! 🙋‍♀️ Enjoy the forum and Mika world 😁
  9. When I get to searching site on the Instagram and finding these one under another :lol3:


    1. Serendipity
    2. Paoletta


      you always know how to make me smile:biggrin2:

  10. We should get Mika this kind of piano from fedez insta story StorySaver_fedez_75428515_132548011682033_4248010060056631786_n.mp4