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  1. I've been obsessed with this series lately
  2. Hi! I'll ask the same question like above. if anyone have spare 2 tickets for Saturday I'll gladly buy it. It might be 3rd or 4th category tickets as well Thanks in advance!
  3. No i kroczek po kroczku i jest nas tu coraz więcej
  4. Welcome on board! Very excited for your very first gig!
  5. Woooohooooo ! Wiecie może czy bilety można nabyć tylko na stronie filharmonii czy gdzieś jeszcze można się na nie przyczaić? Słyszałam też o jakichś turach sprzedaży biletów, jak to ma działać??? Ja próbowałam kupić, to raz mnie przepuściło do wyboru miejsc, ale po zatwierdzeniu zostałam wyrzucona ze strony, albo pokazuje mi komunikat, że jest pełna obsada
  6. Taką perełkę przed chwilą znalazłam InShot_20210429_162420984.mp4
  7. I must say, even that I know Mika's songs well each time when I hear them in a little bit different version it isn't boring but refreshing. All performances were fantastic but Stay High gave me that special burst of energy! Boum boum boum sang by the girls just wooow And Happy Ending for the end, honestly what else could be better?
  8. Hi Mindy! I'm Dominika from Poland. Enjoy the forum
  9. Hi there! Do you know if I can watch somewhere here Mika live at Brooklyn Steel? :lustslow: I saw it was transmited on french tv but I couldn't watch it back then. 

    1. Starlight


      I would love to see it, too :lustslow:

  10. Merry Christmas from Mika Clause stories InShot_20201225_125944946.mp4 InShot_20201225_125944946.mp4
  11. What a lovely concert Mika brought the christmas spirit to our hearts for sure I've recorded the event but it's to big to put it here.
  12. What a sweet message! We definiately will be sweating together ahahahah
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