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Hiya all my fellow Mika fanatics!!!:biggrin2: I first discovered Mika on one of the music channels (can't remember which one,lol!!:roftl: ) I instantly went out to buy his album and now i can't stop listening to it!! My mum borrowed it a few weeks ago now to listen in her car and i now fear i will never get it back,Lol!!:biggrin2: I, like Mika am a singer/songwriter (although unlike Mika i'm not famous,lol!) i have written 9 songs in a space of about 3 months!! My favourite Mika song has to be 'Love today' cos it always makes me feel instantly happy!! A lot of people say when they listen to 'Grace Kelly' they feel happy even though Mika intended the song to be a stick you to the music industry and he describes it as a passive aggressive song. I get wound up when i hear 'Grace Kelly'. But not because i don't like it. I love that song as much as all the other Mika songs, but it makes me think about all the people who don't accept me for who i am and who are always trying to change me and that provokes a 'screw you' feeling inside of me. One piece of advice i would give to anyone is to be true to yourself no matter what!!!!! I wish i had sooner. Anyway i better stop writing as i will be here all day,lol!:naughty: Luv Star x

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