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  1. I love the interview. 😍 Anybody knows if we could get the magazine outside of France? Was looking for it, but wasn't lucky...
  2. Money sent 😀 Really looking forward to this.
  3. Thank you so much for doing all the translation work! I really can't believe we have been doing this for so long. Loved writing down my ideas.
  4. Farewell David. This news broke my heart today. Seems so unreal. And this is hard to accept. Loved talking to him whether it would be in person or online...these little memories will be bottled in my heart forever. What a loss. Can't really find the right words just yet.
  5. Lovely group picture! Unfortunately some of our Italian friends were missing as they had to pick up their luggage.Stil,such a nice memory!
  6. What a lovely report, Becks! So good to have such a great "good morning" read. Seeing you up there on stage was crazy. You looked so much at ease and that tapping battle was soooo good! Loved it! Thank you to everyone I met in the queue. We were all having such a great time throughout the day. And Valeria and Saskia are true artists, their facepaints looked so good. Mika's show had some random moments like the scene with the bear on stage xD Felt like it was the teddy bear picnic all over again, haha. I was happy to finally get to hear "Live your life" live and also it was a nice surprise that it was way longer than a usual festival set, more like a real gig. Off to explore Barcelona a bit more now.
  7. Anybody happens to have a spare seat in the stalls section? If you do, please think of me and PM me. Thank you. EDIT: Found one.
  8. What a memorable night!! <3 Loved meeting so many MFCers (the meetup was a great idea!) and the gig itself did also feel very special to me. Having a huge smile on my face when I think back to Sunday night.
  9. I am looking for two stalls tickets (next to each other) for Mika's show at the Adelphi theatre in London. Please think of me if you happen to have any spare ones. Thank you xo Just PM me or tweet me @perhonita Edit: No more tickets needed.
  10. I know this is close to impossible...but I'm still asking. Does anybody still have 2 stalls spare tickets next to each other? If you do please think of me. Gracias. Xo Edit: No more tickets needed.
  11. Love this interview! Thanks for the scans.
  12. Really looking forward to this weekend! London, baby! Can't wait to meet you all.
  13. I know! Been checking Google news every 30 minutes or something. It is pretty scary how much the German press has been neglecting our golden boy. :/ But I can proudly say that I did find ONE review. *check* It's a review published by one of the biggest newspapers in Germany, the FAZ. Not sure though if it is in the printed version as well. It's overall positive saying that the old Mika from 2007 is back with NPIH - this is how I feel as well - But it also states that he didn't put a lot of effort in his rhyming...whatever...Here it is: I love it!! <3 Can't stop listening. Mika's new album gives me a feeling of joy I just can't put into words. Dying to see him perform the new songs live.
  14. This might just be my favourite Mika interview ever!! <3