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Attention! Mika Fans Who Have Not Seen A Mika Concert Yet! [usa]


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There May Be Hope. If You Have Not Yet Seen MIKA In Concert Yet, I Have Designed A Petition To Get MIKA To Play In Denver, Colorado. Now I Know That To Alot Of People, That's Far Away. But To Some Of Us, Having MIKA Play In Denver, Colorado Would Be Amazing. So If You Want To See MIKA Play In Denver, Colorado, Please Go Here:





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yes!!! EVERYONE PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION!! even if you wouldn't be able to make it to denver. cause this way, more people would be able to go and then we could help get him other places in the U.S. and...ya.... lol

it took me forever to find this thread!!! lol


if we all work together, we can give every U.S. mika fan a chance to see him live.



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