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hi, i first heard mika-grace kelly when i was in new zealand as an exchange student and they kept playing it on the radio over and over, so after a month i said to myself, i really have to download this song. the problem was they never said neither the name of the song nor the artist, so i listened very clossly to the lyrics and tried to understand his very high tone of singing, wchich i found from the very beginning incredible. The firt phrase i understood was "i can be brown i can be blue" so that was enough to google it a finally got it! GRACE KELLY by MiKA.

I went back to Argentina and nobody knew this song existed and no one had ever heard of mika, so that was a downer cause i wanted everybody to know it and to be so happy as I am when i listen to mika cd. I was really happy when it started playing on Mtv cause it got really popular and started dancing a lot with mikas music with friends just laughing, having a good time.

i guess it was a really long story after all. i wanted to say hi and besos from buenos aires.

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....you can be proud that you are one of the pioneers as a Mika fan in Argentina:thumb_yello:


Help spread the love around:biggrin2: i already have to people in Chile....I have family there....so it's getting around! Wait till you see him in concert! Wow!:wub2:


Anyway BIENVENIDA!:wink2:

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