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So I am on a train to see Mika with my girls...


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Hey my name is Sam I am from Massachusetts and heard about this wicked cool place from my friend Kaela. I first got into Mika from her and her sister even though I had heard Grace Kelly on the radio before but, as soon as she bought the cd i was hooked and surprisingly so weren't our other two friends.


So, finally having music that we all liked we got tickets and hopped on the train to his show in Boston at the Avalon and it was the most fun I have had in a long time! Mika put on an awesome show and I certainly enjoyed being almost close enough to touch him (I wish I could have!).


Now my friends and I are all owners of Mika shirts, which I have to say is my new favorite thing to wear, and we are all proud, diehard Mika fans! Ok I am done talking about myself, say hi to my girl Kaela11! :thumb_yello:

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