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im leaving!!!!!!!!!


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hi everyone,im leaving for awhile cuz im going on my holidays tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin2:i reallly dont want to go!!!!!!!!its going to be soooooooooo boring!!!!!!im stuck on a island for 3 weeks with no computer to go on mika fan club!!!!!!!!!!!!:crybaby: im going to miss you all!!!!!!!!!!:naughty:





bye lots of luv kate!!!!!!!xxxxx

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Don't worry, it can't be sooo boring. If it really is, you can remember about "If you were stranded on a desert Island with Mika" thread, that will cheer you up:wink2: Have fun!:biggrin2:


THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BYE!!!!!!!!!!!XXXXXXXXX:roftl:

ILL TRY HAV FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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aww! good bye Kate!!!!! I hope you have an absolutely wondrous vacation!! We'll miss you! 3 weeks isnt so bad! it'll go by fast! looking forward to have you back!!! bye!! HAVE FUUN!!


ive been goin 4 the last 8 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:thumbdown:

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