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  1. Hello

    I was wodering whether you could please tell me how i can delete this account or if not then try and not have my posts show up?

    Thank you very much


  2. heyyy cybersis! and oh my G! lol aahhh mika-fied costumes! xx
  3. Over 18s!!! mehhh! :@ But yerr i read that in the paper somewhere aswel!
  4. I dotn know why...But that made me cry :'(...I love you mika.
  5. HIS SISTER IS SO PRETTY! LOOL. haha it made me laff tho. bless him. Give away his piano! lool xx
  6. I heard it might be his next single and it could also be advertising his dvd! xx
  7. Yerr well that's mika's choice. I'm not a fan of boyzone i do find them cheesy at times! so there we go! xx tfs
  8. British pop star Mika was a hit at the World Music Awards in Monaco. The newcomer captured awards for best-selling new artist, best-selling male entertainer, best-selling pop/rock artist and best-selling British artist. But struck down by laryngitis, he was unable to sing his runaway debut hit Grace Kelly, which makes reference to the Prince Albert of Monaco's mother, the Hollywood actress who became princess of the tiny principality upon her marriage in 1956. Celine Dion, who has sold 200 million albums worldwide, received the highest accolade - the Legend Award - at the star-studded ceremony. In presenting the honour Albert said Dion's voice "soothes the world's hearts and creates smiles of love across the face of the world". More News C4 cleared in Big Brother race row Oprah shaken by academy sex claims BBC to air 'Crowngate' documentary Little Britain was hyped - Walliams Becks raises money for fire victims Related Links Mika Have Your Say Talk about showbiz news on our message boards Recalling her start as the youngest performer among 14 musical siblings, Dion, 39, dedicated the award to her family. "Every time I go on stage, it's all of them going on stage with me," she said in her acceptance speech in English and French. Dion then performed Taking Chances, the first single from her forthcoming album of the same name, to be released later this month. The diva from Quebec already holds a World Music Awards prize for the world's best-selling female artist of all time, winning the so-called Diamond Award in 2004. The show paid tribute to 63-year-old Patti LaBelle for her enduring contribution to music. LaBelle, whose career stretches back to the 1950s, had the entire audience, including the Prince, on their feet dancing to a rendition of Lady Marmalade. "I love this show because it unites the world with music; we need peace in the world," LaBelle said. Senegalese-American hip hop artist Akon, who has been riding high on world charts, picked up prizes for best-selling R&B male artist, best-selling African artist and best-selling internet artist. *link - YEY!!!