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Hello :)


My Nickname is Leator, I am from Germany (sorry for my bad English) and I am 18 years old.

I was very suprised to find a MIKA download on Napster's Indie board. First I tried to ignore it, but I couldn't :)


I've heard Relax, Take It Easy a few times, but even not often enough :)

His new Single "Grace Kelly" struck me right away and so I found my new favourite singer :thumb_yello:

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Hi Leator,

Willkommen!! Du wirst wahnsinnig viel Spass haben! Alle sind hier super nett. :wub2:

Aber Vorsicht! Absolute Suchtgefahr! :biggrin2:

Was Dein Englisch angeht. Never mind! Learning by doing ist die Devise! Einen bessern Englischkurs kannst Du gar nicht finden!:thumb_yello:

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Hello...welcome to the club...now u are part of us...

Omg...german is soo difficult...I'm learning at school...how can I do???:bleh:

But I've understood almost all the german posts!!loool!!:biggrin2:


Have a great time!!Bye!!:thumb_yello:

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