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Mika song on the radio!!!!


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I just went shopping with my sister to a store called Shnucks, which is (I think) a small grocery store branch in Missouri. While we were picking out ice cream, I vaguely heard a song on the radio and I knew I recognized it, but I couldn't place it.


...You will NEVER guess what song it was! It was Stuck In the Middle!!!!!! I couldn't believe it and I said to Caroline "Do you hear that??? Listen, listen!!" Since she isn't a huge Mika fan she didn't really get what the heck was going on...lol...oh well.


So yeah, I am still in a little bit of shock. I have never heard any Mika on the radios here yet and to hear a song that isn't even a single was stranger to me. What a nice surprise though!


Just had to share with you all. I know you will understand my little bit of excitement. :biggrin2:

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know where ppl r rlly friendly?new hampshire. you walk by someone you dont know and they wave. you r on a boat passing some1 and they wave!i didnt know ppl could be so friendly!mika im friendly!come to MA and i'll be friendly to you even if no1 else is!:biggrin2:

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that is REALLY weird!


I'll post my story here, than.



So me and ErinsInterpretation were in this steakhouse near by

and all of a sudden Stuck In The Middle comes on!

we litterally threw our forks and knives, gasped, and threw our hands in the air.

we were so baffled!


the resturant was farely empty

so of course, every single person was staring at us

because we kept carrying on


I've never herd Mika playing anywhere I go,

and to hear Stuck In the Middle was so strange,

but a very pleasant suprise.

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just read your post on the forum! maybe ill be next to hear it in the USA!hopefully....have u seen the video on youtube w/ the asian kid singing stuck in the middle?it is hilarious,he has no voise,and he messes up the lyrics!and this is all for a talent show!lol!:biggrin2:

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Yeah, it was very strange. The funny thing was, I knew I had heard it, but it was not registering at all what song it was at first! lol Then I thought it was my phone, but I realized it couldn't be my phone cos Lollipop is my ringtone. haha...yeah, I'm sucha dork...

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