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Hello, my dear fellow Mika fans!


Let me introduce myself. I'm Dewi and I live in The Netherlands. I discovered Mika in January when he was mentioned in a music magazine. I could only find Grace Kelly back then but god, was I hooked! I adored it and played and sang it all day (I can still hear my friends complaining :biggrin2: ).


When I first heard his album I fell over because of its insane awesomeness. It's just perfect! It makes me so happy. I'm gonna see him for the first time at the Lowlands festival and I'm really excited. I'm also going to the Amsterdam show in November - I just hope that I didn't pay €110 for 2 fake tickets...we'll see! Are there more people here that are attending that show?


Anyways, some random facts: I love dogs, I'm allergic to cats, my favorite color is yellow, I'm hopelessly in love with Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry, I really like spinage and have a strange fondness of stuffed animals.


That is all! Much love to you all and I'll see you around! <3

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