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  1. :blink: why do you think youre hated?
  2. Have a lovely birthday :happybday::huglove:

  3. wwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh hello :biggrin2:


  4. I was wondering the same thing. I'd happily be your friend. I don't know where you would get the impression that everyone hated you. I've only been a part of MFC for like four days, and I feel very welcome!

  5. Hey, why is you're user title "YOU ALL HATE ME"? I don't know you, how could I hate you then? I don't hate you.

  6. i dotn really know why on earth i am on this forum been posting bullitens and blogs on myspace and it has been around a month now so i thought i might as well post it here:mf_rosetinted: does any one know what photoshoot this pic is from? http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e87/im_mikamavvers_new_account/Paul%20McCartney/paulieeee.jpg bye x mavvvvv
  7. so much for last posts eh:boxed: *wants google video yo hurry up with uploading as sellf is uploading a very important video FOR EVERYONE ON HERE*
  8. I dont know why:tears: Its been a big mystery I loved meeting you and I wont forget you either LOL names...suprise me I will until I die lol
  9. The Mika was cancelled on the 3rd and I got the blame for going to it:boxed:
  10. Dont cry Celeste, MFC isnt the right place for me anymore and its the right thing to do
  11. Well... I really do guess this is it... I thought when I first came on here it would never happen and I would love Mika forever...I was wrong as always. I dont really know what started the big downfall for me love of Mika, I guess it was the December 3rd concert:boxed: Ive had some great times here and I guess everyone is getting bored of me as I always go on and on and on about the Beatles and Paul and all that so i guess that is another reason why I am leaving, and it also feels like no one wants me around anymore. Its been nice knowing you all and...well... Bye bye xx mavvy mcc xx PS Ill be on MSN and Myspace and bebo and Aim
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