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Hi :P


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Hi, I'm new :biggrin2: This is a test, because my english is VERY bad, I live in the Netherlands and I have 3 years english lessons now.


My dictionary lies (?) beside me :roftl:


No problem, test passed!


Just do your best, and if you get sick of writing in english, you can always go to the Dutch thread!


Welcome! :yay:

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Heeeeeeyyyy!!!A new member..our family is becoming bigger and bigger!!!:biggrin2:


well...don't worry...I think that If u'll talk a lot in this forum,at the end u'll know muuuuccchhh more!!And I'm doing the same..'coz english is a beautiful language and is veeeeeeerrryyyyyy useful!!:bleh:



So...Have a great time and...oh!!WELCOME!!!byee!!:thumb_yello:

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