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MIKA Nominated for 'Hottest Single' 2007

Blue Eyes

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Grace Kelly has been nominated for the 'Hottest Single' of 2007 in this weeks NOW Magazine SQUEEEE !!


The other 2 'hopefuls' are...


Umbrella - Rihanna

Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis



All the 'award' categories have the option of you adding your own favourite - but there's no online voting - you have to send in the form printed in the magazine (Boooo, so no chance of multiple entry then - ooeerrr !! :shocked::wink2: )


Good news for the Mikster though eh :biggrin2:




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Jules you always find good things!!


Wish I could vote...:boxed:



Awwww thank you :wub2:


Other categories MIKA could be voted for are...


'Sexiest Male'


The listed nominees are David Beckham, Brad Pitt & Daniel Craig... Not much competion there then :wink2:




'Best Dressed of 2007'


Listed nominees are Keira Knightley, Cate Blanchett and Kylie Minogue... PAH - our boy could win hands down eh?! :biggrin2:

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