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  1. Hi all, I have one spare ticket for The London Palladium show on June 5th - Row F Outer Stalls (aisle seat) Please PM me if interested - thank you xx
  2. Our photos from Sunday night ........ still floating on our little MIKA cloud 2 days later https://www.facebook.com/julesnkev.morrissey/media_set?set=a.10206774744181020.1073741853.1047691194&type=3&pnref=story
  3. Hello lovely ladies *waves* ... it's been a while (and boy, this place looks different!) ... but it's great to see some familiar names!! xx ????
  4. Had a wonderful time, really intimate gig and we enjoyed every single minute Just a few photos as it's so late and our bed is calling out to us, more to follow over the weekend......
  5. Thanks Guy - we'll be sure to report back Hi Christine has it really been that long We are fine thank you - hope all is well with you too Yep... there's a possibility we'll be at the Roundhouse (it's such a fab venue - would be rude not to really )
  6. I'm absolutely DELIGHTED to say I've won tickets to this gig It's been over 2 and a half years since Kev & I last saw him live - so we're well overdue a little MIKA indulgence I just feel a bit sad that more MFC's didn't win tickets - it would have been lovely to catch up with you guys (it's been far too long ) ...Been having a sneaky listen of the new songs and some of them are seriously
  7. Happy Birthday d_birthday.gif

  8. Happy Birthday! Hope you have had a great day x

  9. Awww you guys - this place is beginning to feel like 'home' again I've also got an image in my head of MIKA apple bobbing - I don't know why though ... Totally agree with you! I'm still not 'getting' the other 3 new songs at ALL, or the fancy dress lark but I feel much more optimistic now that Meeks will not disappoint with his new album. How can just one song have such an effect on me? Damn it MIKA - you're GOOD
  10. Sigh... finally a new song that I am EXCITED about !! Thanks for posting Guy and a BIG thank you to all involved with capturing these videos - you have restored my faith in MIKA... Roll on March
  11. Heey!Happy Birthday to you!:happybday:

  12. You probably get this a lot ... but your sig is just awesome. :naughty:

  13. ...Awww thanks - same here though, I am pretty useless at anything artistic or technical Wow - that's super - thank you so much, that was very kind of you. Kev is working on a shiny new banner for me but this will be perfect in the mean time. ...and sorry I missed this before, I was just checking back on the thread and found it
  14. Awww, no more Mini Mikas Hmmmm, if I ask Kev nicely perhaps he'll re-jig it for me
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