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Palladium, Alphabeat & Yelle...


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...all playing at the same festival! :band:


No, it's not some silly Dutch joke: Palladium, Alphabeat and Yelle - Mikas 3 support acts for the Dodgy Holiday Tour - are all confirmed to play during the Noorderslag/EuroSonic weekend in Groningen (NL) on 10/11 January 2008: http://www.noorderslag.nl/ - btw the Hoosiers are coming too. :naughty:


If anyone is interested in coming: tickets are 35 euros and they are valid for 2 nights, Thursday and Friday (EuroSonic). The 3-day tickets including the Saturday (Noorderslag) are already sold out. Tickets are available here: http://www.ticketmaster.nl/


Groningen is about 2.5 hours by train from Schiphol Airport - let's call it the Dutch Outback, but it's a good place for such a festival: lots of nice bars and small venues. :thumb_yello:


  • Timetable for Thursday 11/1: CLICK
  • Timetable for Friday 12/1: CLICK

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what a beautiful country is Holland:cool:

Thanks! Yeah, it is! :thumb_yello: And we can even say the F-word here, as long as we don't do it on radio or tv! :naughty:


Ticketmaster seems to be (temporarily) out of order tonight. I ordered my tickets this morning, can't imagine EuroSonic is already sold out as well (like Noorderslag). :blink:

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I knew, but couldn't be there (exams...)


BUT! I did my best: advised (well... forced:naughty: ) 2 people to go and see Alphabeat (they are the only ones I've seen)


And now I'm waiting for their verdict...

They better liked it :sneaky2:

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I will post my review here and not in the Palladium thread since it's not just about Palladium. And I will try to keep it short although I can't promise anything. :naughty:


On Thursday Kata came to Holland and we drove up north after I picked her up from the train station. Groningen is the most remote city in the Netherlands, it has a huge student population and it's quite well know (at least in our country) for the yearly EuroSonic & Noorderslag Festival. We stayed at a friend's place within walking distance of the city center so no worries about driving home in the middle of the night.


We planned to start the night with Alphabeat, who were Mikas support band in Amsterdam and Brussels. When we entered the venue the Swedish band I’m From Barcelona was just finishing their performance – with LOADS of confetti and big balloons! Deja vu! But the next day on YouTube I found out they already threw confetti in 2006 so I won't complain about any (lack of) originality :naughty:. Then Alphabeat started playing and even Kata enjoyed her fellow Danes :naughty: . Alphabeat will support Palladium on their UK tour so we might see them again soon. We decided to skip Yelles performance – scheduled at the same time as Alphabeat and we both don’t like her that much.


We started 'browsing' and we ended up upstairs in a small bar where a Belgian band called Krakow played. We sat down on the floor, listenened and enjoyed ourselves. Then the choice was between the Hoosiers and Zdob si Zdub. According to Kata the last one was very good and she was right: they were FAB! We had a Moldavian party in a theatre setting, people dancing around and having a great time. Hope to see them again one day! After ZsZ we went to see the Blackout (from Wales) recommended by a group of girls from another forum but we left after half a song, we didn’t like them at all so we got a last drink and went home.

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Next day. In the afternoon I managed to attend half the acoustic session by Sarah Bettens, my favourite Belgian singer (who worked with Greg Wells in 2005). Then we ended up in a warehouse where they sold tacky visors - how appropriate - so we bought some. :naughty:


We started the evening by checking out the venue where Palladium would play. Get Well Soon from Germany were playing at that time and they seemed nice. Followed by some guy from Iceland called Mugison with a funny sense of humour but his music wasn’t really our style. After Mugison had finished his thing we bought another beer and installed ourself near the small cosy stage. Then the guys came on stage for the soundcheck. Fez saw us first, he smiled and waved, then Rocky saw us and did the same. Pete only noticed us during the soundcheck - priceless grin :biggrin2:. We also had a little MFC meetup with Rockinbabzz and friends who joined us for the first part of the set and then left to see another band they came for.


The day before we noticed some 'dead' audiences but now there was more enthousiasm although Kata and I were probably the only 2 people in the entire audience who knew the lyrics to nearly all the songs :naughty:. Pete mentioned the familiar faces again like he did in Camden. And hey - now I can say I witnessed Palladium’s first performance in the Netherlands! :thumb_yello:


Right after the last song when the audience was leaving Pete jumped off stage and came right towards us to give us a hug. So sweet! Then Rocky almost ran towards us :naughty: to do the same. Also Fez and Rufio joined, hugs all around! We talked for a while and Kata had her visor signed by all of them. We made Rufio happy with my tacky shiny blue one and I had my other blue visor signed by him (an essay :naughty:) and Fez – and since I am so useless when it comes to signing I forgot to ask Rocky and Pete so now I have to bring it to the next gig.


Our party continued in the hall, Rocky and Rufio brought us some cans of the best Dutch beer (Grolsch of course), the atmosphere was very relaxed and we had a great laugh. The friendly doorman (I had a nice talk with him earlier) watched it all and he said he got the impression that the Palladium guys were indeed really nice. Then a taxidriver from the festival organisation spoiled our fun by telling us he had to take them to their hotel miles out of town. So we ended up hugging each other again and said goodbye. A huge thank you to Palladium for making our evening!


Next gig: Birmingham! 'Only' 3 weeks of being patient. And good news for the people who are coming to Hammersmith on the 25th of February: Palladium will be the support - confirmed by Rocky! :thumb_yello:


Setlist (this time I saved it on my phone):


- Happy Hour

- Midnight Service

- White Lady

- The Greatest Dancer

- The Way it’s Not

- Get it Right

- Miracles

- High 5


And my pics: http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=10772&page=36

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yeah... if u like Yelle, u really should check out some of the recent dance hits from Europe....


it's pretty clear that dance music is coming back in the USA ... and around the world...


and everyone knows that the hottest stuff comes from the euros.....check this compilation series on itunes, for example, extremely nasty stuff:



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