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I'm still having troubles. Look at my page. I am NOT online right now, it's somebody else! :shocked: I can't believe they haven't stopped. If you get any strange comments from me, please let me know about it, because it isn't me who is sending them. What can I do about this problem? :lightsabre:


I changed my password and checked out the privacy settings.

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i'm having problems with myspace, and have had for days!

when i browse myspace it immediately gives me internet error, so i cannot even log in!

i want to apologize to all ppl leaving me comments as i absolutely cannot read them!


i'm so annoyed!


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Okay, this was the nearest thread about MySpace, so I ask you something here.


How do you post pictures into the comment section? I have never done that, but someone kindly asked me to do it and I don't know what sort of link I need. :shocked: And more important: if I want just a thumbnail to go along with my comment, how do I do it?


This is really important! :naughty: Please don't ignore this message. :flowers2:

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