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  1. I'm going to try and sum up my experience. My dance lessons started precisely on Friday, which is why I wasn't able to be at the venue before 8:45pm. Thank god the dance lessons were only about 10 minutes away from the venue, otherwise I wouldn't have made it. But it was probably for the best because I can't stand for too long anyway (and I was kind of relieved to read in this thread that I'm not the only one with that problem). So anyway, the gig started at about 9:15 and we had quite a good view because I guess at den Atelier you kind of have a good view everywhere I absolutely loved that gig because there wasn't really a big show, but Mika made the show himself. He was very spontaneous and was just chitchatting between the songs. I thought it was so funny when someone in the crowd screamed something and Mika said he never understood anything because of the "oreillettes de merde". To him it apparently just sounds like someone is dying and he said he felt like in Game of Thrones. To be honest I hadn't been following Mika too much recently and I don't even own his last album, I only knew a few songs from youtube. But since the very beginning of the gig I felt the same as at the numerous gigs I had been to a few years ago. I had never heard "good wife" before, but I fell in love with it when I heard it sung live. To me it's almost as good as "Grace Kelly" and "Relax" and I've been listening to it non-stop since Friday! I enjoyed the entire concert although I was a bit mad that when I was younger and could stand for hours his shows only lasted about an hour and now that I can't stand for that long anymore his gigs of course last two hours lol No, seriously this concert was amazing and when he started to sing "Happy ending" without the microphone I was like "What the hell is he doing?" but it was just so amazing, you could here him as well as if he had a microphone. The crowd went nuts after that! I also really liked the way he sang "Relax". I loved that at the very end he was joking about how he's always wondering why they never get any drinks at venues with a bar. He then ordered a drink, which he did get in the end. We waited for him for about an hour after the gig but he didn't show up, or at least he didn't show up while I was still there. Who can blame him, there were still so many people hanging around there because there was a food truck and the bar was still open. My boyfriend took a few good pictures, so here are some of them:
  2. I haven't been at a Mika gig an a while and I was surprised he talked so much. so much nonsense I mean. He was really funny! especially when he made fun of the fish. he said fishes look so stupid and then afterwards when he couldn't find the French word for "depressing" he said "I am the fish" and made a funny face
  3. thank you!! :)

  4. Happy Birthday:happybday:

  5. hey ahh endlech en wou letzebuergech schwetz omq

    also ech hechen nancy an ech wunne zu scheffleng an du?

  6. c'est mignon, vous êtes timides tous les deux :D j'espère que vous allez vaincre votre timidité un jour, je vous vois bien ensemble en fait. et bouge-toi avant que tu ne partes de paris lol

    ouais, je suis encore debout, mais je vais y aller maintenant, j'espère que je réussirai à dormir, je n'ai plus l'habitude de me coucher si tôt lol

    ma peau est en train de se peler partout, surtout sur ma tête, je dois laver mes cheveux tout le temps, sinon on va penser que j'ai des pellicules, c'est horrible!

    voici mon mail: catherinetoussaint@gmx.net, je sais plus si tu as msn, en tout cas c'est mon adresse msn aussi ;)

    bonne nuit! et bon courage pour les exams!

  7. hey! Merci de ton msg. Ca m'a vraiment fait plaisir de t'accueillir ici chez moi. C'est super que ca t'ait plu la soirée au Queen. C'est tjrs sympa de connaître des choses inconnues. Moi j'en avais un peu marre au bout d'un moment parce que j'étais trop timide de faire qqc. Cé clair que tu flirtais plus que moi! lol

    En tt cas, je t'écris sur mfc car j'évite kon me voit sur le chat de fb, que joan me voit en fait. haha Je viens de sortir au ciné avec lui, il m'avait invité de venir et cété très sympa. Je pense ca sera peut-être qqc, mais rien ne s'est encore passé sauf de parler et des regards. Mais jaime bien. puis on était dans le chat et puis je l'ai quitté, car je dois bosser. du coup retour sur fb interdit ce soir haha maintenant je vais vraiment étudier. Tu vas bien? Ne te couche pas trop tard. Faudra être bien éveillé pour tenir face à des élèves turbulents un lundi matin! ;)

    Cé quoi ton mail au fait? Ta peau ca va ou t'as enore le style Roland Garros?

    bisous Jonathan

  8. wünsch dir auch eine schöne Woche! ja war wirklich toll! :)

    in einer Woche hab ich erstmals eine kleine Pause dann kann ich mich wieder ein wenig erholen! ich hoffe du hast nicht zuviel Stress im Moment!


  9. heho!


    wünsch dir eine schöne woche! hab das ganze we immer wieder an luxembourg gedacht - das war echt toll :)


    bisous Marion

  10. ehm that was me but from the previous comments it sounded like she's given birth. dunno maybe those people are part of her family and know a little more
  11. more towards the left. I went there because nobody was there and I thought it'd be cool to cover the whole stage. but apparently everybody else wanted to stay close to mika lol I was the one with the green veil.
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