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Maria Callas Thread


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I open a thread dedicated to the divine opera diva Maria Callas. I wonder if there are more her admirers in here?


She got her fame not only because of her extraordinary voice but also for her dramatic powers she had on the stage. She used them also in film, she played Medea in the Pasolini`s film of the same title.


What connection can we find with Mika? Maria Callas was friends with Grace Kelly. But especially, as Maria Callas is the supreme opera diva for me, Mika is the supreme pop diva for me, in the bestest sense.


Montserrat Caballe (that was friends with Freddie Mercury, you see the opera and pop worlds intermix) said about her: "She opened a new door for us, for all the singers in the world, a door that had been closed. Behind it was sleeping not only great music but great idea of interpretation. She has given us the chance, those who follow her, to do things that were hardly possible before her. That I am compared with Callas is something I never dared to dream. It is not right. I am much smaller than Callas."



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:shocked: :shocked: :shocked:

Well, I am rather surprised that there have been no replies on your thread since I first saw it on the 2nd day of Xmas...Maybe that was because of the holidays. On the other hand, I understand the name might not ring familiar to most MFC members - partly because of their age and partly because opera and classical music has not really been 'newsworthy' in the past 20 years or so unless it involved opera singers singing with girlbands or 'common people' (like 12 year olds or shop assistants) pretending to be opera singers...


It's a shame, but I have to admit that opera, of course, was not 'mainstream' in the days of Maria Callas, either. Probably her turbulent private life helped her name to be remembered but it does not take away any of her glory as a magnificent opera singer and someone who also changed the way singers interpreted opera.


Anyway, there is not much that I can add to this thread, other than the feeling that she must have had a terrible time towards the end of her life - not only because of private reasons but also because she lost her voice and did not even realise it in time.


Last, but not least I am glad you mentioned /quoted Montserrat Caballe. Besides being a great singer, in my opinion, she really should be considered to be a role model to many artists... but explanation will follow only later if anyone else is interested in this thread...

(Still hoping others will join the Maria Callas admirers thread:wink2:)

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Yay Suzie, koszonom! One more Maria Callas admirer on MFC except me (-:

When I was opening this thread I was curious if somebody will post, I didn`t expect crowds but still I hoped for few posts, otherwise I would not open it. I told myself: if the Oscar Wilde thread caught rather well why not Maria Callas? I was also thinking about opening a Sylvia Plath thread but I doubt that anyone knows her here or even likes her.


Have you seen the film Medea with Callas in the main role? She is adorable there, and I cannot get rid of the impression that she was playing herself, when I`m thinking of the problems she had with her lovers.. It`s based on a Greek myth about Medea who killed her children out of hate to their father (from there the term in psychology the "Medea complex" where a woman kills her children out of hate to their father, of many reasons, not only because of rape). This story is one of my favourites from the Greek mythology, together with the story of Narcissus.


Somebody please post here because I want to know what Suzie has to say about Montserrat Caballe!!!! (-:



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