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  1. Happy Birthday :kaf:


  2. Happy birthday

  3. Zdravim vas vsetky! Ako ste si uz mozno vsimli - vid moj podpis - Rebeka uz zda sa nepatri medzi Mikove fanynky, po Amsterdame. To sa ale netyka vas, vy ste fajn, a hocikedy sa s vami rada stretnem, akurat ze nebudem mat asi velku trpezlivost pocuvat ody na Miku.. Tak je to veru. Vierka, rada by som ti navrhla, aby si po mne prebrala stafetu MFC representative pre Slovensko. Ak suhlasis, napis Rainbow Sky a mna daj do kopie tej PM, ja jej to potvrdim, a potom si uz len musis updatnut svoj podpis, pripadne postnut na tej sticky thread world representatovov. Neplanujem sa tu na fore prilis zdrzovat, kedze tu sa za kritiku tresta, a naco aj, ked uz sa necitim byt fanynkou. Vsetkym vam zelam len to dobre, a kebyze ste ma niektora chcela kontaktovat, tu je moja emailova adresa: rrrebeka@gmail.com. Pusa pre vas vsetky a zbohom!
  4. I so much understand what you feel, Iris. I feel that I will follow you shortly..
  5. Sorry, I can`t continue being the rep. for Slovakia, after Amsterdam. I`ll contact Sunshine18, the last Slovak fan, if she wants to continue after me. Iris, I so much understand you. I believe we are in this (or out of this?) together. And I believe there are more like this than the 2 of us. Hug and kiss, Iris! Those Amsterdam tears of yours he didn`t deserve, the twat.
  6. Rychly pozdrav z viedenskeho letiska! Sedim si tu v airport lounge (kde mam ako drzitelka firemnej Diners karty volny vstup), cucam cervene vino, zobem oriesky, a cakam na siestu hodinu, ked zacnu pustat do lietadla. Prave mi prisla PM od Ircazo, ze sa chce so mnou v Amsterdame opit.. To mam az taku zlu povest? Tak sa majte! PS: Som tu v tomto lounge jedina normalna, su tu len sami seriozni biznismeni. Zeby som aj ja bola biznismen? Alebo som nenormalna? V kazdom pripade som uz trochu pripita. Vzdy sa takto zlahka pripijem pred letom, a potom je ten let velky ulet.
  7. Ahojte Devy! Chcela som sa s vami este rozlucit, predtym nez zajtra odletim do Amsterdamu, takze sa tu pekne mavajte, a nezavidte, iba tak trochu, zdravo Vierke dakujem za PM. Z Amsterdamu sa vraciam vo stvrtok 10. jula a v sobotu 12. jula chcem ist na teplu paradu do Viedne, takze ked vymyslis nejaky sikovny plan, rada sa s tebou stretnem, ci uz vo Viedni alebo v Bratislave, pripadne sa tebou rada necham odviezt A potom sa tiez tesim na nas MFC CZ&SK zraz, nech bude kedykolvek, ci uz toho 20. alebo niekedy inokedy Papa
  8. Of course there are loads of straight people on those parades.. Except this one in Czech Republic I`ve been to several parades in Vienna/Austria and Tel Aviv/Israel and there were all kinds of people I can tell you I guess they just want to have fun and also support liberal society, two in one, shampoo and conditioner Some of my friends were on this parade in Belegrad and they said that it was really tough Down with patriarchal values, meet you there next year.. or no more gay parades in Yugoslavia?
  9. There was also one guy with a huge wooden cross walking around saying something in the amplion.. But at least they were not violent, like the neonazis or what they were.
  10. Yes yes. For example people got colourful balloons and in the end we let them all go, it was beautiful! It remined me/us of Mika and his concerts.. There were also cool belly dancers, travestie show.. loads of rainbow flags, balloons, crazy dressed people, music..
  11. O, dakujem. Aj ty si skvela! Sme tu proste vsetky uzasne!!
  12. Hello people! I`m glad to see this thread moving on :thumb_yello: On Saturday I was with 2 other girls from MFC (Barunka & Martinibaby) on a queer parade ([url]www.queerparade.cz[/url]..[SIZE="1"]Aurelien must be fainting now :naughty: sorry, couldn` help it[/SIZE]) which took place in the second largest town in Czech Republic called Brno. Martina Navratilova, the tennis legend who is originnaly from Czechoslovakia, by chance exactly from this town of Brno and is an open lesbian sent a supporting message, it was read on the parade and is also on the web page (also in English). All in all it was fun until a group of men in black marched into the square screaming "resistence!" attacked us.. it was rather scary. But then the police chased them out and succeded to keep them away from us on the square and during the march in the streets. The extremists threw eggs, there were some noisy exploisions, tear gas. 20 people were injured. To Martinibaby one idiot cracked her balloon which then hit her in the bosom, and they also stepped on her lovely yellow shoes. Nothing serious happened to us but it was scary.. This was in Czech Republic. In the country where I live - Slovakia - there are no queer/pride parades whatsoever, they would probably end much worse then the one in Czech Reublic.
  13. Joj, myslim ze dnes pojdem spat skor, aby som mala zajtra silu na konfrontaciu s tvrdou realitou. Takze dobru noc vam
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