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HELP me spread the Mikaness


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For those of you who don't know me, my story is that the people here don't know about Mika and don't seem to care.

I plan to write into our local radio stations - if only i can find the addresses - and request that they give Mika air time! I also plan to make flyers to stick up wherever possible.

So i would love to hear feedback and ideas and it would be greatly appreciated if people can help me with the flyers' layout etc, since i have no graphic skills whatsoever but i have ideas!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I have finally stop procrastinating doing this!!!

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My dad is going to Tobago again this summer and he likes Mika so I'm sure a few people there would have heard about him if he borrows the CD :wink2:


That's cool!

Well about 2 out of 20 ppl know who Mika is, when i played GK, but let's just say they don't care...it's just another singer and song to them and many people, who i spoke to, aren't into his music :blink:

But i think their ignorance is because of their lack of exposure and if they hear/see him more they may start to appreciate him for all the right reasons (i hope)!

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