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The Degrassi Thread


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Who watches Degrassi here? I know there are some Canadians and Americans, at least, who will know what I'm talking about (Of course everyone is welcome here nonetheless). Anyway, there's a big marathon on The-N all week and I'm reliving it all.


I'm not usually big on "favorites" in general, but I love Marco and I love the "Pride" episode the best. So many great moment. One of them actually connects to my English class, but I won't get into that just yet. :naughty:


So haters- if you think it's corny... too bad. :mf_rosetinted:


Degrassi lovers come hither!!!


And for those of you who don't know, it's basically a very edgy high school soap opera.





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You do get the new season 4 days before us, though! The-N is just celebrating because they used to share the channel for only 12 hours a day with Noggin, a toddler channel. And now The-N is 24/7 so it's all a big party. :naughty: Saved By the Bell Marathon after this!!!

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That episode came out when my best friend was coming out, but we unfortunately don't talk anymore because he's a total jerk.


But the part at the copy machine, where Dylan shows Jay up by tossing the book, and Marco gets it, after Jay said all that... Before he was even out. :wub2: Classic! I thought the episode was just really well produced, noting the intense situation.

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Degrassi is freakin' crazzzzzy. I liked the old version haha


watched them all as a teen in the 80s! came home after school:)

didn't watch the later episodes until later ...which are quite good indeed.

Ah yes the 80s!


remember Spike...and that curly haired guy...and the guy with the hat...and the skinny guy with glasses...and the annoying teacher....the twins

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I just watched Degrassi last night!


The-N got their own network, so now they play shows like that 24/7. and Noggin plays kiddie shows the same way.


Yes, Spinner had cancer of the nuts, Toby and Liberty were hating on some girl because she was dating JT before he died... Paige set something on fire, Emma was being.. well, Emma. I don't remember anything about Craig since that episode where he ran away and got the blood kicked out of him when he didn't take his bipolar meds.

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I used to be OBSESSED with this show!

I don't get that channel anymore, but I can still watch it On Demand. (My parents didn't order the channel it's on).

My favourite's are Marcos and El.

The show is completely over dramatic, but it's got me hooked.

*hums old theme song*

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Degrassi! MTV used to air it some years ago, and I really liked it! But now that I'm watching its web page, there are a lot of new members that I didn't know!

It was a cool TV show, so I guess I will try to get some episodes to watch on these next days!

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