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The "Jackass" Thread


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Hey guys! I just had to do it...I love this guys...I know the show is not on tv anymore....but I heard they might do a thrid movie....so...this is kind of a Jackass Fan Club. So why do you like him? and whos' your favorite and why? and if you could give them ideas about it what would you like them to do?

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thank you:D once, when I lived in Los Cabos


me and my friends decided to do something like they did in their first movie, get into the mall kart....so we got me and 2 boys and one boy behind and so we let the kart go down hill! It was awesome! afterwards I was injured in my ribbs, nothing bad...and a lot of bruises in my body...but it was FUN!

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hahaha, my mom already knows how a nut.job I am


other time


we were in a place with many many houses crowded together



and my friends and I were walking and then, there was thins dog that started running after us


that was sooo scary!!! but funny at the same time, so my friends and I started running as fast as we could and the dog was behind us finally we had to enter to a house that was open, and we didn't even knew the people inside the house and we closed the door....haha it was so funny to see the faces of the guys inside...and they were laughing at us after we explaied them what had happened


"you should have seen your face"they said to us

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yeah,.....hahaha if i ever go to guadalajara, or if you ever come to ixtapa...we should do something like it...and record it....



haha when I lived in antigua, me and my friend shanice had to make an interview about something



so we did the exact same as johnny knoxville


we went around in the town to ask people


"excuse me miss....do you know were mianus is?" and they were laughing so hard when we asked them that....

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funy u guys started this thread.... i saw Johnny Knoxville in the street like 2 weeks ago... lol


i knew him from somewhere but wasnt sure where from and than i saw a comercial 2 days ago for the movie i guess? and was like "THATS WHERE I KNOW HIM FROM!"

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