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Crushed (game)


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Let's play to Crushed but with Mika, ok??


(for those who dont no this game : the goal of this game is to crush others players dream, for inst. : my dream= "I want Mika's extra slim turquoise pants" then you say something like " Granted.you get Mika's extra slim turquoise pants but then realize it doesnt look good on you" then you write your own dream and the next player crush it etc.)


I start:


"I want to have a bubble bath with Mika"

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I want Mika to cancel the first Brixton concert :mf_rosetinted:


granted but what's the point??LOL




granted but Harry N was supposed to go to this concert and he gets mad at you and as Mika is a big fan of him , he never talks to you again...


"I want Mika to dye his hair all deep purple"

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granted, but Harry (whoever he is) doesn't like the colour purple, so now he won't talk to Mika, who then won't talk to you :sneaky2:


I want Mika to dump that Harry fellow and care about my opinion instead :mf_rosetinted:

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