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first malaysian mikamite newbie!


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hi evryone! i'm yana from malaysia,yes,that little country in southeast asia,hehe.i'm a new fan of mika's,first discovered about him a month ago,i saw his VC,'happy ending'.my 1st impression was on how cute he looked when he floated around in thin air,lol.then i began to fall in love with his angel voice.his voice,in my language,is 'menenangkan'(muh-ner-nunk-karn),which means relaxing and entertaining.anyways,hope to know all of you better!

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:biggrin2: HIYA YANA !!!! WELCOME TO MFC !!! :welcomeani::flowers2:

I do believe that we do have a long standing member here from Malaysia .... & her name is Nikjass !!!:thumb_yello::wub2:

She is often very busy & hasn't posted here in a while ....... 'tho I'm sure she will pretty soon ....... anyway .... please make yourself at home here .... :wub2:

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