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  1. Thank you! I have ordered them off Amazon Italy who allowed shipping to SA. Now I just have to wait!
  2. Hi all, I contacted Pilot South Africa and they said they can't order it in. Pilot EU said they can't ship to South Africa. Sigh. Any websites selling them online willing to ship worldwide? Thanks!
  3. Thank you both. I would love to see him again, but for that to happen, he would finally need to visit South Africa. Come on Mika, we have the best weather
  4. Hi guys, Sorry to bump up this thread, but today is one year since this amazing show which meant the world to me, since I had to cross the world to see it! I wrote about it in detail here. Hope you enjoy. Seeing Mika Live
  5. Have any of you heard of Mario, Queen of the Circus? He is a comedy-circus performer and his entire show is based on his love for Freddie Mercury
  6. Hi Laura, I am sure you will love it here. Grace Kelly is still my favourite song, even though I love all of them
  7. Hi, This is a lovely introduction. I hope you like it here! I hope to visit Malaysia one day. I am from South Africa and here we have "Cape Malays" which is basically our own mixed version of malaysians who moved here many years ago and ended up mixing into some of the other Cape Town cultures. I always wonder what remains the same as in Malaysia
  8. Welcome. I would love to visit Switzerland!
  9. I am from South Africa, which is just far away from everything. Everyone here has heard of Mika, and absolutely loved him when Life in Cartoon Motion was released. Now, when I bring him up, the response is usually, "Oh the guy with the curly hair who sang relaaaaaaxxxx, does he still make music?"
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