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what to say


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so im hoping to meet mika in a week at his concert

what should i tell him

like i dont wanna be

"i love you marry me pls"

and will he hug me???? cos that would complete my life lol


and also

if u have met mika, what was it like?


i am gonna ask him if he would perform a gig for only mfcers and if he reads the forum:wink2:

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Tell him of the Barenaked Ladies cruise....and promise him we will drop our robes :naughty: :naughty:


I hope BNL comes to the Kool Haus. They could give Mika all kinds of tips on fan relations. How about some acoustic bathroom sessions?


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something like "do you do bedroom gigs" maybe


cos those indie bands, they do ! i thought Mika would do too


i've never been thinking about that he is a shiny shiny pop star prancing around telling people "Oi, im grace kelly"

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As Christine said there is already a thread set up for this.

But I would suggest do NOT ask personal or intimate sounding questions, surefire way for him to be making a hasty exit for the bus.

Ask funny random questions, nothing too near the knuckle.

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