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I have a computer problem...please help


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Hi there everyone!

Well, for the past week and a half my computer monitor appeared to be failing...we got a new one, and realized that this was not the problem.


heres what happens:

There are techincolor lines (bulky) all over when we turn on the computer...and they're always there...sometimes bad, not so bad and really bad... I'm not sure what the problem is:


The only thing I've eliminated from the list of possibilities is the monitor.

Someone suggested something about a "video card", but I'm not so sure.


Can someone help...or point me to the next step?



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it's a little card that says "video" on it. You hold it up to the monitor and say some voodoo, and it makes everything better.


ROFLMAO Sarie! You're cruel and unusual in the most hilarious of ways. :biggrin2:


Does ATI do video cards?

So, basically I have to have someone take out the video card and replace it? And where exactly would I get the video card? Is it a software? I'm kinda confused:blink:


It's a piece of hardware - the kind you'd get would depend on a bunch of things, like what you use your computer for. It also has to be the right kind, in order to play nice with all your existing hardware, like your motherboard.


Honestly, it's easiest to just make an appointment with Geek Squad and have them take care of it, unless you know someone who knows what they're doing. It's easier in the long run to get it done properly.




FYI, it looks something like this:



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