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Do you all spell it "Kachingaaa," "Kerchingaaa," "Kaching-ahh,"


etc etc...


How do you spell it and is there an "Official" way to spell it? I am working on my gift for Mika and I need to know how to spell it. LOL


I always thought it was "Kachingaaahhhh."

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LOL I know, right? I am doing this cross stitch thing and I already did the "Kac" and began the H...then I thought "Wait am minute? Is this even right?"


So of course I came here to get some opinions. I guess I should flip a coin and choose which one to use that way. ;)

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I think that is the one I am going with. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't make a huge error in the gift that I am going to be giving to the man. lol ;)


Noo! You wouldn't want to give him a gift with errors in it! What would THAT feel like? I mean, that would be like giving him a yearbook with wonky page order, filled with typos and even the wrong flag on a member's country page. That would be an atrocity. :naughty:


(Sorry, forgive me - I'm rather hyper tonight for no logical reason. I agree with Aaurora's spelling - seems like your best option!)

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LOL Mana....gosh, I forgot about all that when I made my post. I guess I could spell it all wonky just to further that we MFCers are totally human and capable of spelling errors... :D


I am hyper too. In fact, I have been on a complete high all day since I got the big news!

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