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The Rasmus fans and Mika


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As i was some mins. ago searching in google for some big girl pics i toped up with a mika pic and the pic title that said "big girls no more diet" (in spanish), so i entered the link and it was a spanish tongue The Rasmus fan club, and they have like a section for various artists...and there was mika!!, they have some olde news, but very well done section for him. Guess the The Rasmus fans like our honey pie too!!

here's the link, they have some blink pics i had never seen befoore:mf_rosetinted:



haha, sorry for not translating, but i'm so lazy...

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Only the last two I've never seen before:naughty: Shame I can't read spanish, although I can understand some parts:naughty:

haha, shame to us:mf_rosetinted:

Are these the people who did the support on thursday?

(the logo and name seem familiar)



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