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  1. I tend to listen whenever I get the chance, I balance it with loads of other stuff, but the album still has the same effect when you listen to it as the first time I did, that good, positive feeling
  2. aw, don't feel sad! Now, be sure to visit that shop every day
  3. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=kQZpgMXKXRM Ok, it was seeing, not meeting but hey,...
  4. I heard in an interview once he was looking forward to meeting Adel.
  5. really??! the last thing I saw on there was about ice cream in syria! Is there somthing new? Have I missed it?
  6. I thought Mika was in away at the moment? (syria?)
  7. Mines really cheesy. And I can't spell. I think I was listening to lollipop! And I usually put the x's on all my usernames-simply because it's not usually taken. Looking back, I would change it. But I always think, oh well, it's just a name!
  8. Mee to. I use lol all the time. It's very good for boring im chats. lol
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