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I have decided to set up a photobucket album for Mika pics (like I did with Derren brown pics) so that any pics of Mika I find I shall stick them on there so that if in future you can't find a specific pic you may well find it there.


If I have any pics which you or someone you know owns (I have pics from various places online you see) Let me know & I shall remove it or reupload it saying that it's taken by you (whatever your name may be) ok


so here is a link to my Mika photobucket album I've only added a few pics so far but shall be adding loads more over the coming hours/days/weeks etc







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lol maybe you should just add my photobucket album to your favourites list then??


then instead of saving the pics to your computer you can just browse my album as & when you want a dose of sexy Mika pics :wink2:

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I've just added some more pics (there's 36 so far) & I shall add some more later this afternoon/evening


I must go off to get my bath then go to sleep


night Mika lovers


have sweet Mika dreams (I sure will):wub2:


(great Mika site by the way mikalovernj)

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