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  1. It was fantastic! I guess it's good I didn't stick around after, but I loved every second of the show
  2. me too! i'll try to get there around 5. see you there!
  3. Hello everyone ! I haven't been on this forum in ages... last time I saw Mika in concert was September 2009 in New York (Deb, I remember seeing you there!) But I am very excited to be going to the Boston gig on Saturday! See you all there, let me know if anyone is meeting up before or after! -Rachel
  4. it was great ! we had a bunch of family over, and it was a fun long break :)

  5. A nice at home affair. What about you?

  6. thank you! how was your thanksgiving?

  7. Hello fellow NJ Mika Lover!!

    Have a great night.


  8. thanks so much!!!

  9. done and dusted :-)

  10. hopefully. darn, if i didn't have a test i would totally skip math just to see him
  11. i want to ask "Who are your favorite clothing designers?"



  12. ill still be in school do you think it will be recorded or something so we can watch it at a later time too?
  13. sure, fire away :-)

  14. hello! i was reading the mika web chat thread and saw that you had posted a question for someone. do you think you could post one for me, as i don't have a myspace or live in the uk? :)

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