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  1. I feel the same! I cannot beleive how everything seems to have carried on as 'normal' with tv/radio appearances etc!!! I feel very let down by it all I also really feel for those who had flights /accommodation booked and unable to get refunded, it's hard enough financially at this time of year never mind losing money due to cancellation the whole thing just sucks!!!
  2. Oh have you not heard of the little known disease called 'Glasgowitis'
  3. what i really dont understand is that according to the statement yesterday Mikas doctors advised that he 'dramatically' cut down on his singing commitments so, to me 1 concert is not a 'dramatic' cutback on singing especialy as he's doing 2 nights in a row!!! i would have imagined he cancel Glasgow and one of the English gigs and also Iceland to give his voice a real break. Have also heard he is now booked to do another tv appearance next week!!! just doesnt make sense to me. would have appreciated more honesty about the whole thing even a tweet form Mika apologising to his fans, especialy ones who were travelling from further afield. :wait:
  4. hell yeah!!! thats more like it somehow cant see Scotland having another gig in the near future though:sneaky2:
  5. Yes Wendi was going to this one, was looking forward to seeing her and others again as well as MIka:wub2:
  6. Thats what i was thinking Luke as i know it wasnt sold out
  7. Gutted doesn't even begin to describe how i'm feeling. While i do appreciate Mika has had probs with his throat/voice i dont get why only Glasgow gig cancelled!! and BOTH England gigs and Reykjavik going ahead. Sorry if this sounds like sour grapes but really dissapointed .
  8. Woo Hoo!!! got an email a short while ago saying tickets have been dispatched today
  9. You're very welcome :)

  10. Thankyou for the birthday wishes xox

  11. this has to be one of my favourite songs form the new album. I think it is quite 'Erasure' ish sounding. My kids are cracking up with me as i keep randomly singing ' Overrated ' at the top of my voice !!!
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