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My New Song


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ok so i've been writing songs since....i think the first one i still know and wrote down was in third grade...but i've been writing songs as long as i can remember but i dont really play any instruments, when i was younger i would sit at the piano for hours just pressing the keys in different ways trying to make beautiful music but i never got real piano lessons


i got a keyboard a few years and it was my goal to learn how to play, that never really happened til recently when my Mika obsession made me desperatly want to learn how to play a mika song, so i you tubed it and there were many videos that show you how to play, since then ive been really getting into it and i have been looking at this music book i have an ive been practicing reading the music (i learned how to in choir so it wasnt that difficult)


one day i ended up playing on the keys as i did many times before and i ended coming up with a few different things that i really liked, it has evolved a lot but this is my first song that ive written on the piano, this copy is lousy and im trying to make a better one but everyone is sleeping right now so maybe tomorrow...:naughty:...but i would really like some imput, good or bad :wink2:




the name isnt final, one of my friends wanted to hear it so i posted it asap

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