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Anyone From South East England, Uk???

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I live in the south east. Canvey Island, Essex, unfortunately. Jemmalee lives in Chelmsford and so does...someone else. I forget. Jazzy? Someone has a name to do something with Jazz. She likes Stephen Fry. She lives in Chelmsford too! ...Or somewhere in Essex, at least. Haha xD

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no sorry i don't live anywhere near there nor does my aunt or half sister (I thought if you lived anywhere near them when I visit them we could meet up) shame that


btw if anyone living in hull (where i live) or manchester (where my aunt lives) wants to meet up (with me) let me know by pm I'd like to meet some mfcers & it'd be nice to make friends with people where i live


oh by the way if anyone in manchester wants to meet up i'll be there about august the 10th for approx 3-5 days or so

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