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The Awesomeness of Vanessa Amorosi and Michael Paytner!


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I wanted to share my awesome experience with everyone!


Lat night, I went to see a singer by the name of Vanessa Amorosi... for those who remember, she sang at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics in Sydney (2000)... She released an album when she was about 17, then disappeared off the radar till earlier this year, when she released a new album...


Anyways, I went cause my friend wanted to go, so I thought, "What the hell? May as well go."


Well it was awesome!


She did songs from both albums (I only knew her old stuff), as well as a few covers, like Long Way To The Top (AC/DC)...


The support act, Michael Paynter, was great too (and hot as well)!


Here's some pics, and some vids from the night (some of them are pretty crap, so I apologise)!



Michael Paytner








Vanessa with her sister, Melissa... She's the backing vocalist...








She pulled a whole lot of little kids up on stage during Absolutely Everybody!



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And a few more...


Me with Michael Paynter! :das::wub2:




Me and my sister (ZoZo_the_Terrible!)!




Us with Vanessa!




And cause I can... my friend Terry with Vanessa!




I'll post some vids when they're uploaded!

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Some vids...


Vanessa singing Have A Look (sorry for the sound quality)




At the back, conducting Absolutely Everybody!




Singing Absolutely Everybody on stage with the dancing kiddies (dodgy sound... sorry!)!



Slipping Away...



Long Way To The Top


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have you added her to myspace yet..

*goes to look for page*

wonder if she'll be near here soon.


She's on there... I added her too...


I think she's already been near you... she's going to Melb sometime soon... Orange was actually the smallest place she did...

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Yeah, she was this way actually.. I remember getting asked if I wanted to go now.

I added her on Myspace.. :punk: Need to do some CD shopping tomorrow or the next day. (flu :sad: )

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